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Nowadays more and more people like to keep pets. Pets can bring people a lot of joy, help people release stress and relax. At the same time, pet owners also face a lot of troubles, especially cats and dogs, they can not be as hygienic as humans, their footprints on the clean floor or sheets are everywhere. They even urinate anywhere. Therefore, your home will definitely have some strange taste. In addition, the depilation of pet dogs is also very serious. No one likes to see dog hair everywhere in every corner of the house. How to solve these problems? You may need some cleaning equipment.

Venti Fresh Pet Odor Eliminator UV Photocatalyst Automatic Air Freshener

VentiFresh is a highly effective deodorant designed using an ultraviolet photocatalytic method to decompose odor molecules and produce fresh air instead of masking odors with chemicals. It can deodorize the smell of cat litter boxes, trash cans, gym lockers, refrigerators, shoe cabinets and so on. VentiFresh offers the best deodorization service, so you no longer have to endure the disgusting stench! It is controlled by a smart light sensor that works automatically in the dark and stops working under strong light. Built-in magnets and magnetic point attachments make it easy to mount to metal or non-metal surfaces in seconds. In addition, it is powered by a DC 5V adapter or mobile power supply, requires no filters, and has a long life.This product is the best choice for every pet owner.

VentiFresh Pet Odor Eliminator UV Photocatalyst Automatic Air Freshener for Cats Trash Cans Lockers Refrigerator Shoe Cabinets

Rubber Soft Foot Clean Cup Washing Brush

The most annoying problem for pet owners is the problem of cleaning and bathing pets. They don’t wear shoes, and they can’t take a bath every day, unless you lock them up, or you can see their footprints everywhere at home. But don’t worry, Rubber Foot Brush can help you solve this problem. It is made of environmentally friendly materials and is non-toxic and harmless. You only need to use this small cup to clean your pet’s feet. Soft brushes can massage pet’s feet without harming them. This product is suitable for different breeds of cats and dogs and is a practical product.

Rubber Soft Foot Clean Cup Washing Brush

Pet Grooming Comb Deshedding Rake Comb

If your pet’s hair loss is serious, then you need to groom it every day. Designed for pets, Pet Grooming Comb effectively removes loose and knotted hair without pulling on the coat, especially the thick primer. This tool features a stainless steel blade with rounded edges to prevent irritation to the skin of cats and dogs. When your pet likes to be brushed by this dice, it will enjoy the process. This product is ideal for rough fur, such as the old English Shepherd, the Irish Wolfhound and other hairy breeds.

Pet Grooming Comb Deshedding Rake Comb Dematting Tool

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