What are the magical features of the Xiaomi Cleanfly portable vacuum cleaner?

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With the improvement of living standards, cars are becoming more and more popular in people’s daily lives. People’s daily travel has been inseparable from private cars. Although the car is convenient for our lives, the cleaning of the car is very troublesome. It takes a lot of time to wash your car yourself, and the whole process is cumbersome. It is expensive to go to the car wash shop. But don’t worry, with this Xiaomi Cleanfly car vacuum cleaner, it solves the problem of most owners. Let’s take a look at what powerful features it has?

Xiaomi Cleanfly Car Wireless Portable Vacuum Cleaner Standard Edition

Portable and compact size

The Xiaomi Cleanfly Car Wireless Portable Vacuum Cleaner is 29.8 cm long and 7 cm in diameter with a net weight of only 560 grams. It is 60% smaller than comparable products, so it can be easily placed in the center console storage box, water tank, door pocket and other locations. In terms of appearance, the overall black-gray design is adopted, and wireless can make it unrestricted, safe and without entanglement, and it is more convenient to move dust. And it can deeply clean any place in the car that is difficult to reach with your hands.

Powerful performance

This car vacuum cleaner is rated at 80W, with a maximum suction of 5000Pa and a rotational speed of 32,000 rpm. It has a telescopic two-in-one nozzle that can be switched to different states in one second. The flat mouth can reach into the narrow gap in the car for a deeper cleaning, while the brush head can remove the more stubborn dirt inside the car. It is therefore very easy to clean any corner of the car.

Xiaomi Cleanfly Car Wireless Portable Vacuum Cleaner Standard Edition

Double filtration system

In addition, this millet Cleanfly in-car portable vacuum cleaner is equipped with a double-layer filtration system. The first layer of initial efficiency net can quickly intercept large particles of dust and debris. The second layer of HEPA 11-stage filter can effectively filter to 0.3 mm of micro-dust, which can effectively prevent secondary pollution and be safer to use. It is very easy to absorb the ash, paper scraps, food debris, hair, seeds, coins and other items in the car. Very convenient and practical.
It also comes with wide-angle LED lights for easy solution to low light and complex environments. It can also be used for daily household cleaning, such as cleaning of beds, sofas, table tops, keyboards and other surfaces.This powerful portable car vacuum cleaner is the best choice for your daily life.

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