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How to choose a lot of SD card products – Commercially available SD card purchase experience

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Speaking of SD card products, everyone can be said to be both familiar and unfamiliar. Say familiar. Most of the friends have used it more or less, such as cameras, driving recorders or GoPro, mobile storage devices extensions and other applications. But it is strange, but it is also because many friends look at the capacity and price of the SD card at most, and do not know much about various interface standards, speed certification, and even SD card specifications. In this way, when purchasing an SD card, it is easy to have a black eye. It is not a lot of money to buy a high-end SD card that does not need to be so fast. It is a mistake to save money. You can buy a low-end SD card that can’t play well. And even miscellaneous products.

If you have all sorts of confusion and puzzles about the SD card, this article may be a good introduction, give you some reference. Ok, no more nonsense, let’s go!

SD card related standards, specifications

But then again, online about camera, lens purchase, comparison articles can be said to be overwhelming, but the introduction of SD card is extremely rare, many friends still can not figure out the difference between SD card and Micro SD card, can only be used Compare the popular “big card” and “small card” to illustrate. In fact, the real “big card” must be a CF card.

The CF card is called the CompactFlash card. It was originally a performance symbol of the professional field because of its large size, large capacity and fast speed. At first, several giants in Silicon Valley, such as Flash Direxa, were promoted based on a storage protocol from Intel. Later, Translators in Taiwan and China also chose to join. The biggest feature of the CF card is fast. For example, the 3333X CFast CF card released by Lexar in 2014 has a reading speed of 500MB/s, which is the best choice for professionals (such as Canon 1D series users) for many years. Of course, after the popularity of SLR and non-reverse (micro-single) cameras, the continuous development of SD card technology has gradually become a mainstream product. The Micro SD card is also called the TF card. At present, it is mainly used as an expansion space on mobile phones. Some card machines use this type of memory card.

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