How to Ride A Bike

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What a joy to ride a bicycle to enjoy the scenery or play, but if you don’t know how to ride a bicycle, you won’t be able to enjoy this kind of fun. Can’t wait to learn to bike? How to ride a bike? The following will share with you how to quickly learn how to ride a bicycle.

1. Choose a bicycle that suits your height and adjust the seat to the most suitable height. The best height for beginners is to sit on the bicycle and support your feet on the ground. When practicing riding, wear a bike helmet to protect your head.

2. Find an open, flat, and safe place to study. The concrete ground is a good place to ride a bike, but if you fall on the concrete ground, you will feel very painful. If you are really afraid of falling, you can study on a walking lawn road, but it is more difficult to balance on the lawn and it will cause more resistance to the tires. No matter where you finally decide to practice, choose an open ground, a gentle slope, and don’t choose a narrow, closed space, a steep slope, or a place with heavy traffic.

3. Overcome psychological pressure, don’t be afraid of falling, and don’t care about the opinions of passers-by.

4. Find the brakes on the bicycle. Determine and remember which one controls the rear wheels and which one controls the front wheels. Note that the brakes usually need to control the rear wheels first, and then the front wheels. If you control the front wheels first and then the rear wheels, physical knowledge tells us that the rear wheels have not stopped walking, and the rear wheels may fly up, and the person sitting on the bicycle will lose balance and falls. The front and rear wheels brake at the same time, this is also a very important point, if you want to make an emergency stop, the front, and rear wheels can brake at the same time, or you can brake at the same time if you don’t know which of the two brakes is broken.

5. Practice the balance on the bike. When you get in the car, you must seat your buttocks well, put your weight on your butt, and don’t put your weight on the handlebars. After you are seated, you can take turns pedaling on the ground with your two feet. Let your body find a sense of balance first, step forward with your feet on the ground, and slowly feel how the bicycle moves on the ground. After you are familiar with and have a certain degree of confidence in the rolling of the tire, try to push the ground hard, and then let your feet hang in the air so that the bicycle will move forward quickly. On the move, only hold the handlebars to adjust and maintain balance. When you are familiar with these, try to use your body instead of your hands to maintain balance, then you will find that the front wheel of the bicycle will automatically turn forward. Step on the right pedal quickly with your right foot, and then step on the left pedal with your left foot to keep your balance and ride forward. The above are the two most important techniques of a bicycle: balance and direction control. Practice many times to build confidence. It is easier to control the balance when riding faster. Riding too slowly does not guarantee a good ride. If someone helps you practice, ask them to hold the back seat of the bicycle to help you maintain your balance.

6. After being able to ride, you can practice turning and braking. Here you should pay attention to when the downhill speed is too fast, do not suddenly brake, to prevent sudden stop and fall, the braking force should be from small to large. This is the experience of learning bicycle, I hope it can help beginners in a bicycle.

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