Single Speed Bikes VS Multi Speed Bikes

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Are you choosing a bicycle? If you don’t know what single speed bikes and multi speed bikes are, and are confused about them, and don’t know which one is right for you, then please read the following content, I believe you can find a satisfactory answer.

Single-speed bicycles, in simple terms, single-speed bicycles have a fixed gear with only one speed, while variable-speed bicycles have multiple gears, that is, the speed can be changed, and there are multiple speeds that can be switched. Multi-speed bicycles have at least three gear settings and can set up to 27 speeds.

Because there is only one gear, the single-speed bike is more reliable and firm, and the maintenance is relatively simple, and the maintenance cost and maintenance cost are relatively low. For single-speed bicycles, the life of the chain will be longer because of the fixed gears. If the distance you usually travel is relatively short and the speed requirements are not so high, then single-speed bikes will be your ideal choice.

However, single-speed bicycles have poor versatility and are usually difficult when going uphill. The user has no choice but to push the bicycle up the hill with his own strength, which is very tired. For single-speed bicycles, the speed is limited, and a single-speed consumes a lot of energy.

Riding a multi-speed bicycle is more labor-saving than riding a single-speed bicycle. The multi-speed bicycle has a transmission. The gear can be adjusted by adjusting the transmission. Different gears can be selected according to the road type and slope to adjust the riding speed. Single-speed bicycles do not have a transmission and cannot adjust the riding speed.

The size of the front chainring of a multi-speed bicycle and the size of the rear chainring determine the strength of the pedal when the bicycle rotates. The larger the front sprocket and the smaller the rear sprocket, the harder it is to pedal. The smaller the front sprocket and the larger the rear sprocket, the easier it is to pedal. According to the abilities of different users, the speed of the bicycle can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the front and rear chainrings, or to deal with different road sections and road conditions. The user can choose the transmission ratio that makes the most effective use of his energy, and he can obtain the maximum distance and faster speed with the least effort. Obviously, multi-speed bicycles are much easier to go uphill than single-speed bicycles.

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