Honor FlyPods 3 Robin Blue Edition is heart-wrenching

Honor FlyPods 3 Robin Blue Edition is heart-wrenching

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On March 30, Honor held its first press conference in 2020, bringing the FlyPods 3 true wireless Bluetooth headset with a robin blue color scheme. Recently, this new color matching Honor FlyPods 3 Robin Blue officially launched the first sale, priced at $ 139.99.

In the current headphone market, the color matching of products is mainly black and white. Although these two colors are versatile and have high fault tolerance, users who have a higher pursuit of fashion seem a bit bland. The emergence of Honor FlyPods 3 Robin Blue breaks the single color matching situation, let users shine, and has won the favor of many users.

The robin blue has always been highly respected in the fashion circle, because the color is similar to the color of robin eggs in the nature, because this blue represents happiness, so this blue is very popular.

In addition, the robin egg blue is also a trend-leading color. We have seen it in many fashion weeks, so when the robin blue is combined with Honor FlyPods 3, this is both the “young and technological” advocated by Honor. The appearance of “Tide” is also an interpretation of the brand spirit “Honor my world”, which allows Honor FlyPods 3 to exude more charming colors, and also leads a new round of true wireless Bluetooth headset fashion design trends.

In addition, in addition to the high appearance value of the design, Honor FlyPods 3 is also a product with bright spots in terms of function. The price of 799 yuan can have excellent noise reduction effect and impressive sound quality.

Honor FlyPods 3 has dual active noise reduction technology. After the noise reduction mode is turned on, Honor FlyPods 3’s extra-ear microphone will detect the ambient noise and let the headphones emit noise-reducing waves to eliminate it, thus achieving noise reduction. At the same time, the in-ear microphone will capture the extra noise in the ear and send out the noise-reducing wave again for the second elimination to increase the depth of noise-reduction.

For those users who need to travel frequently, long-term exposure to high-intensity noise such as airplanes and high-speed rails will have some impact on people’s physical and mental health, especially hearing. According to Huawei laboratory data, Honor FlyPods 3 can achieve a maximum noise reduction of 32dB, with an average noise reduction decibel value of -27.76dB in the aircraft environment, and an average noise reduction decibel value of -25.35dB in the high-speed rail environment, which is average in the restaurant environment. The noise reduction decibel value is -25.22dB, which can easily filter the influence of most noises, allowing you to enjoy your own quiet environment. Of course, if you commute daily or use it in a relatively noisy environment such as an office, the noise reduction effect is also very good.

Honor FlyPods 3 also supports three-microphone call noise reduction. During the call, the three microphones work together to match the call noise reduction technology. It can accurately pick up the voice of the mouth and the pure voice transmitted by the eustachian tube, avoiding the surrounding noise interference and fearing the strong wind environment. Honor FlyPods 3’s call noise reduction effect is very good. It can be measured clearly in the wind or the environment is chaotic. It is like a microphone with a windshield to isolate the noise at the same time, making communication unimpeded.

In terms of sound quality, Honor FlyPods 3 uses a custom 10mm dynamic coil unit, and the bass performance is amazing. Supplemented by a high-sensitivity polymer composite diaphragm, the audio signal is fully responded, and the music details are more abundant. At the same time, after being carefully tuned and polished by Huawei Audio Lab, the three-band equalization and clear vocals allow users to feel more musical emotions.

In addition, the headset supports touch control, which can sensitively control music, call and noise reduction, etc., and cooperate with the anti-mistouch algorithm to reduce the situation of mistouch. Both sides of the earphones have built-in capacitive touch sensing devices, which can be controlled with two taps: left / right ear tap, music mode play / pause, call mode answer / hang up; left / right ear long press function: noise reduction is turned on /shut down.

In general, compared with similar products, the price of Honor FlyPods 3 is more than half lower. Coupled with the addition of the stylish color of Robin Blue, it can make young people who love music and pursue fashion more emotional. At present, the new robin blue color matching has been officially launched on major e-commerce platforms, so that young students who are pursuing technology and fashion can easily feel the charm of noise reduction. Don’t miss it if you are interested!

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