Fans have a hard time resisting the 10-cell iron headset V90

Fans have a hard time resisting the 10-cell iron headset V90

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Simple packaging, although the box is small, still reveals the style of professional headphones. It seems that manufacturers are really putting environmental protection into practical action. The TRN brand is affiliated to Dongguan Zuodu Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. and is a high-tech enterprise engaged in HI-FI headsets, sports Bluetooth headsets, TWS Bluetooth headsets and related fields. It is a collection of independent brand products, ODM and OEM. I feel that this brand concept is similar to that of Dinak.

Although the packaging box is very simple, it is not rash and cozy. The built-in packaging highlights professionalism and high-grade, not two or three hundred.

The cavity of the TRN V90 earphone is made of aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, which has been manufactured by CNC. The overall pattern design on the cavity is not a simple hot stamping, but a delicate texture. The middle is the brand logo, which makes the whole headset more fashionable and also shows a quality charm. There are two colors, one is navy blue, one is metal black, and I choose metal black. I personally think that this headset is the kind with texture, without the plastic feeling as imagined.

The V90 headset uses 8 moving iron units and 2 moving coil units, of which 4 30019 moving irons and 4 50060 moving irons are all custom-made 100 million euros, and there are 2 independently developed 10mm moving coil units.

The V90 cavity has two wavy long holes on the outside, which belong to the acoustic dual-hole airflow design, so that the cavity structure will be more stable. There will be obvious effects when listening to the experience, without feeling boring. There is a small hole inside the earphone, which belongs to the tuning hole. The tuning hole is used to help the headset dive at low frequencies. The headphones as a whole also look relatively three-dimensional.

The earphone belongs to the ear-wrap design. The shape of the ear-hook part is reasonable. The aluminum-magnesium alloy cavity is relatively lightweight. It is firm and comfortable to wear, of course, it can shield certain noise, and the stethoscope effect is basically not there. In addition to the standard pair of silicone earphone cases, two pairs of earphone cases are also provided, suitable for different ear canal modes.

The V90 headphone cable uses a highly compatible 3.5mm plug, and also uses a 2pin 0.75mm interchangeable cable design. This interface is widely used, the cable is well matched, and the gameplay is diverse. Professional grade oxygen-free copper braided wire, provides superior signal transmission, better balance, and can hear richer details. Of course, the official offers different packages of balance line and Bluetooth line, you can choose according to your needs.

There will be some people in the TRN brand that are relatively unfamiliar in China, but they are still more popular among foreign enthusiasts. In particular, some foreign forums often see traces of TRN. This also means don’t blindly adore foreign products. In fact, many foreigners still like Chinese products, have super high performance, high cost performance, and are not stupid, that is, we sometimes really admire foreigners.

The most concerned listening theory:

He Ye’s voice was unique when he said “Goodbye before dawn”. I prefer “Water can only bloom on rainy days, fireworks must bloom in the dark, snowflakes can’t bear winter, like I can’t bear to say goodbye to you”, the lyrics are beautiful, the drums, cymbals and other instruments are very rhythmic, the whole melody is warm, Not greasy, the TRN V90 is perfect for listening to this popular music. In fact, we all know that each headset has a different focus. Many TRN earphones are really intended to please the ears to deliberately enhance the subwoofer. The former flagship V80 is this type. Maybe everyone’s needs are different. I just prefer the feeling of smoothness and balance, and I don’t like to intentionally aggravate a certain place.

The official positioning of the TRN V90 is biased towards the popular style of heavy bass, but I think not only that, the V90 is more omnivorous and still meets the listening needs of most fans.

Listen to He Yihang’s “Don’t Love Too Full, Don’t Sleep Too Late”, “Please Say Hello First”. I particularly like listening to male voices with this headset. It has magnetic charm characteristics. The tuning characteristics of TRN headphones are warmer. Although there are more headphones with moving iron units, the sound style should be colder and more rigid. V90 makes me feel more of a healthy voice. It does not have the usual cold and dry understanding of pure moving iron units. Instead, he himself gives you a feeling of warmth in the heart, and it feels like someone instantly understands you and makes you very satisfied. Although not very exciting, other headphones just don’t feel like this.

For a person who is insecure, I especially like to listen to songs, more precisely, to listen to how other people like you treat feelings and treat life. Suddenly you get a sense, and suddenly you are open. He Yihang is a warm man’s feeling. Every song of him is like that, although the ending is not so beautiful, it is good to have loved it, and the result seems to be unimportant.

He used to listen to He Yihang’s songs with Weston UM10 pro. I feel as if I have found a confidant. I haven’t felt this way for a long time now. This time I used the V90 to listen to several songs of He Yihang. It has a strong sense of power, a sense of scene, a fullness, and a certain degree of moisturization. In short, the sound I’ve been looking for, there is no far-fetched feeling, everything goes naturally. Not all multi-unit headphones can give you such a beautiful picture. I think the TRN brand must be working hard, both in terms of tuning and unit connection, and there is no evil noise, which makes people like it.

Rather than say that this circle iron headset is under the disk, I want to say that this headset is relatively balanced. Low frequency, volume feels a bit, no more and no less, and there is no emphasis on bass in low-end headphones. In order to lower the bass, the volume sense is deliberately increased. This will sacrifice a part of the high frequency presentation, and it will appear too depressing. It’s grey.

There is no such thing as V90. The sound of the V90 is a solid and slightly warm style. Although it is not thick and thick, it has a better solid thickness than most circle iron headphones. You can hardly imagine a 300 or so headphones. The rich low frequencies light up the mid and high notes. Its own dynamic coil unit has a strong resolving power, and its dive is abnormal. It is higher than the conventional bass dive ability, and the bass feels strong and powerful.

In terms of high frequency, it still has excellent performance. After all, moving iron has many advantages, and high frequency is more crisp and pleasant. In particular, this headset is paired with Letujia’s Tetris II, which also maximizes the advantages of Letu’s Tetris II, although this headset belongs to the low-end range, with a mid-range Tetris II, can perform It’s so excellent that it can’t get rid of the V90’s excellent mid and high frequency. Comparing with the second-generation Titanium Chrysanthemum, it is exactly a mutual achievement that maximizes its own advantages. So I said that this is the group that I am most satisfied with.

Pair it with the Fii M5 and listen to popular music. Especially in the mid-frequency vocal part, listening to Jin Haixin’s “Stars in the Sun”, the rhythm is light, and the singer’s bite gives you a different experience, full of flavor. Sometimes I feel that this is a jazz-like experience. Such a melody is rare. In sorrow, it brings more of a sudden and cheerful, just like the original intention of the singer, when beautiful love becomes A daydream is like “seeing the stars in the sun”. To grow up, you need to face the unsatisfactory things calmly and not be pessimistic and brave.

Ventilation sound, this kind of song is a kind of slight ventilation, can not stop too long, of course, the quality of the headphones also requires a lot. The performance of the V90 was basically qualified this time without any disappointment. Although slow singing, it can test a singer’s voice more. The rhythm of the piano keys is so harmonious, it works perfectly with the singer. The singer’s murmur makes you bring into a very psychedelic atmosphere. It’s like being silly in our youth. There is a trace of vibrato, this kind of vibrato is what we need to add real character emotions.

In addition, it is also compatible with the colorful u6, which is also ok. The most prominent is the middle-frequency human voice, the dense voice of human voice. I thought V90 could not push u6 well. After all, u6 positioning is a portable high-end player. Although being a bit far-fetched, fortunately, the V90 did not disappoint me. It can push about 80% of u6 in a decent way.

Of course, the most important high-end player’s basic configuration is excellent. When listening to the big symphony “Bran Poetry”, the opening drum sounded, as if a stone stirred up a thousand layers of waves, and the low-frequency dive is full of power. It was very stimulating, and I could feel that the bottom plate was stable and there was no panic. I thought it would go a bit off. Fortunately, you have been on the road and you can’t bear to stop. Actually enjoyed following the melody.

I originally wanted to choose the Bluetooth cable in the package, but I saw that the BT20S fell in love. Needless to say, the version is 5.0 and the Bluetooth chip is Qualcomm QC3020, which supports APT-X / AAC HD lossless transmission. It is perfect with its own V90. If you are interested, you can try it. I personally think that the strength of this Bluetooth headset cable is still very strong. There are a variety of universal headset plug models, including 0.75mm / 0.78mm / mmcx plugs.

Admire Hu 66’s “Longman Pipa”. This melody is full of traditional Chinese notes. The combination of modern popular factors and traditional theatrical factors, you think you have gone back to the past, and have the beauty of a fairyland crossing. This experience has a great sense of picture, letting you linger, and the male voice in the middle has the finishing touch. The main reason is that the V90 is put on the BT20S to listen, and it is indeed presented without reservation, and the details are very rich. Compared with the original line is not much different. However, wearing the street is very windy. After all, the Bluetooth headset cable is also a popular trend now, which is more convenient.

Listening to electronic music and rock genres also has certain advantages, and has the opportunity to share again.

At last

I have heard of V60, V80, etc. before, I think that the V90 headphones are indeed much better overall. TRN products are gradually maturing and have high playability. Although the method of plugging cables is not new, but for TRN headphones, That said, Bluetooth upgrade cables, silver-plated upgrade cables, and balance cables are also provided.

This is more in line with the needs of the masses. According to your purchasing power, one machine can be used for multiple purposes. If you are just getting started, it is recommended to have the standard configuration, and you can continue to toss in the future. Is it necessary to buy a multi-unit headset of about 300? I think this is also the best answer. The reason why manufacturers are researching so many units is not to pile up units and have a duel with international big names. More is a perfection, perfection of sound, so that more people hear good sound.

A three-hundred-price headset has the dynamic low-frequency range and sense of power, as well as the bright resolution and cohesion of moving iron. It is well worth buying. I also hope that more high-quality domestic headphones can be added to bring more ingenious products to everyone. In the future, more people can understand and support domestic production.

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