Wireless WIFI IP Camera replace the Wired Camera to lead the world


Camera as a video input device, it was widely used in video conferencing, medical and real-time monitoring in the past. In recent years, with the development of Internet technology, network speed continues to increase, coupled with light-sensitive imaging device technologies mature and used extensively for the manufacture of the Foscam IP Camera, so making the price of camera down to the level of ordinary people can afford. People can conversant and communicate each other with platform and a voice by the camera on the network, and also can be used for the current variety of popular digital image, audio and video processing.

As we know, various of cameras has spread to all areas, such as Foscam IP Camera, Wired camera, waterproof webcam, WiFi outdoor Camera and more. However, from the application fields and the scope to view, the Wired Camera is not enough flexible and convenient, it’s mobility is also very poor, especially in some special space, for example, the deep, confined and narrow place, which should not pass line. or have no time to pull the line in the emergency situation. So capture video images appeared to be inadequate, camera can not connect with the computer timely. But how transmit the video signal to the image display terminal from the camera-side. or how to achieve the remote transmission over existing networks? Wireless camera can resolve these issues.

Wireless WiFi Outdoor IP Webcam

The latest generation of wireless IP webcam, plus siren, door, remote control, super combination of ultimate security. This camera can support a variety of mobile remote control, and it’s built-in universal head, so can supports up, down, left, right auto rotation. It also have two-way audio, built-in motion detection alarm, wireless WIFI IP camera, support smart phones to achieve the remote monitoring (mobile phones are no longer limited the java system.)

Wireless IP webcam integrates the network and web services, so it can produce the video to any place over the network, you only need through the web browser to access the live video at any time. You are not only can record the video through remote, also can record video on SD cards. With this Wireless IP webcam, no matter where you are, you can use it to record what you want. More information about wireless/wired camera:http://www.tomtop.com/home-garden/security.html?aid=y

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