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I am very impressed by the fact that in the past ten years, smartphones have changed dramatically. From the initial 300,000-pixel camera to the current 48 million pixels, from the previous camera to three, four, future multi-camera combination It will appear on more occasions, and these changes in smartphones are undoubtedly not reflecting the demand for mobile photography. The smart phone has a lightweight body, flexible and portable, and the traditional digital camera features a single portable and inconvenient factor, and fewer and fewer people choose;

If it is said that playing photos is a trend in the past, then the recent popular is “shooting video”. With the rapid rise of short video platforms, smartphone photography has become popular with the hot moments of small video platforms. The mobile phone stabilizer is the favorite of all kinds of small video bloggers. Today, it is a vast iSteady mobile phone stabilizer handheld cloud platform stabilizer evaluation, the starting price of 399, will it be the dish you want? ? Let’s come together.

I remember that the price of the handheld PTZ stabilizer that started out at the beginning was 1,000 yuan, and the price of this product was really “fragrance”; the first thing I saw when I opened the package was a storage box, although it was cheap, but it was stored. In this case, I feel that the factory is very conscience.

Accessories are also unambiguous, handheld stabilizer host, charging cable, small tripod, Chinese and English manual and storage bag. It can be seen that this product is built-in battery design, and there is no need to match the weight to adjust the balance.

Next, look at the details of the product. The first feeling of the vast iSteady mobile phone stabilizer is that it feels comfortable, there is a leather treatment at the handle, and the winter use is no longer cold, very intimate. In terms of buttons, the vast iSteady mobile phone stabilizer is quite rich. In addition to the guide rocker, it also has a focusing slider and function switching buttons (PF heading following, PTF dual-axis following, AL three-axis locking, AF three-axis full Follow, calibration mode). On the vast iSteady mobile phone stabilizer, I was surprised to find three quarter-inch expansion ports. In addition to the horizontal and vertical brackets, there is an expansion port in the fixture section to support the recording equipment.

In the unpacking part, I found that the vast iSteady did not have a battery, which means that the product is built-in battery, built-in 4000 mAh battery, charging for 3.5 hours, supporting 12 hours of battery life, and designed with USB interface to support reverse to mobile devices Charging. The lateral slide arm design subtly replaces the design of the counterweight, and it is easy to deal with different sizes of mobile phones through the slider adjustment.

The vast iSteady is undoubtedly a three-axis hand-held stabilizer with a heading of 640°, a roll of 320°, and a pitch of 320°. It is easy to achieve 360° panoramic shooting. The fixture range is 58-85mm, which is suitable for most mobile phones on the market. About 458g in weight, it is still light. The grip on the handle is very good after the skin is applied.

On the APP side, Hohem iSteady has a very good design, that is, dual-mode Bluetooth design. Many stabilizers on the market are designed with single-mode Bluetooth. The general shutter button supports third-party APP shooting, while the vast iSteady dual-mode Bluetooth design allows mobile phones. Both the original camera and the Hohem Studio APP are capable of shooting with the capture button.

On the APP side, I think the vast iSteady design is relatively simple. There is a choice before entering the APP. It is to choose the stabilizer mode or the remote control mode. The stabilizer mode is the Bluetooth link to realize the vast iSteady APP photo and focus function. The remote mode is support. Native camera.

APP camera interface is also relatively simple, starting from the left, the top left corner is the Bluetooth connection status icon, down is the lens switch, flash, photo ratio, camera parameter settings, etc., the right side is the panoramic mode, support wide-angle panorama, 180 ° panorama and 360 ° panorama . Then there is the face tracking, the photo button, the recording mode is divided into the normal mode and the tracking delay photography mode, and the setting button.

Firmware upgrades, stabilizer calibration, fine-tuning, and camera settings are all available in the setup. . .

Enter the measured part below, enter 19 years, this spring seems to have few good weather, basically cloudy and rainy, the flowers do not mean to wake up, so there is not a lot of beautiful scenery for everyone to appreciate, please forgive me;

The first is to show the panoramic view of the vast iSteady, although the current mobile phone has its own panoramic mode, and optimized, but it is difficult to maintain horizontal scanning. With the help of the vast iSteady, it’s simple, whether it’s 180° or 360°, it’s done in minutes.

One of the fun things about the vast iSteady stabilizer is the motion-delay photography, which makes the time-lapse photography even more fantastic through the optimization of the vast iSteady.

The vast iSteady of course, under the three-axis stable blessing, even if you are using it in sports, it can output a stable picture for you. This vast iSteady is a completely achievable part. Intelligent tracking and visual follow-up are all very fun places. When the weather is fine, it will bring you more shooting experience with the vast iSteady.

The vast iTeady simple experience, make a small summary; advantages: good feel, can output a more stable picture, the motor is quiet and light, panoramic and time-lapse photography is very good, the most important thing is the price is really cheap. Insufficient: The calibration is a bit complicated, and there is no beauty function when taking photos with the APP.

For the first contact with Haoyi iSteady, the original impression of the hand-held stabilizer is a very expensive auxiliary tool. I didn’t expect the vast iSteady to do five hundred, but also take care of the functions. The quality is also there. I personally feel that the threshold for holding the stabilizer is really low. The experience is not worse than DJI Osmo mobile 2, but the price is nearly three times lower. Thanks to the team. s hard work. For such a product that wins at a price-performance ratio, do you think it is worth starting? Welcome to exchange!

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