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Speaking of handheld stabilizers, I believe that everyone is familiar with the current popular handheld stabilizer brands on the market, including Zhiyun, Dajiang, Snoppa, Feiyu, MOZA, etc. The new product from MOZA, MOZA mini-s handheld stabilizer, before I introduce the product, the author first let everyone know what is the handheld stabilizer, handheld stabilizer as the name suggests is to use with the phone, make the picture more stable when shooting At the same time, there are many stabilizer functions, and the angle can be adjusted automatically. There are a variety of shooting modes and modes to choose from, which greatly improves the shooting efficiency.

So why should I choose a hand-held stabilizer? Because I recently used a mobile phone to send a documentary to my daughter who just turned 2 years old (when the 18-year-old gift was given to her daughter), in order to extend the shooting angle, a regular self-timer was used. Rod, to act as a stabilizer (baby heart, oh…..) but there are many changes in the shooting process, such as video focus, face recognition, shooting direction adjustment, parameter adjustment are more troublesome, let the author It is also painful to live, but fortunately there are MOZA mini-s handheld stabilizer to help the author solve the trouble.

First, product packaging

When I first saw the MOZA mini-s handheld stabilizer, I saw that the product was a product worthy of the product through the product box. It is also a portable product, but the MOZA mini-s is the main product. Portable, this is marked from the front and back of the box, and also marked the product’s related functions and related parameter information are very comprehensive.

From the main point of the product, MOZA mini-s has eight main features:

1, folding storage;

2, simple leveling;

3, Support for native cameras;

4, professional anti-shake;

5,Object tracking;

6, horizontal and vertical switching

7, time-lapse photography;

8, 260 load;

The opening method of the product adopts the pull-type opening. After opening, you can see that the inside of the package is very clean. From the packing list of the product, there are mainly MOZA mini-s handheld stabilizer, tripod bracket, mobile phone control line, USB. Charging cable, instruction manual, logo sticker, novice guide, portable bundle pocket.

Second, the appearance details

MOZA mini-s handheld stabilizer is also MOZA’s first stabilizer with folding function. Compared with the current mainstream stabilizers, the function of the product is much more novel. This is also a revolutionary change of the stabilizer, so that the stabilizer is not simplified. By folding the storage, you can carry it with you. When you travel, you want to shoot. In fact, some friends may pay more attention to the brand, but I personally think that the quality of the product depends on whether the essence of the product can satisfy the consumer and whether it can attract consumers. It is the key.

When it comes to folding, it is necessary to talk about a lock and open buckle on the MOZA mini-s body. By pushing this buckle, it can function as a stabilizer and a folding stabilizer. In actual operation, Just follow the instructions to open the icon operation. The MOZA mini-s is expanded to 11695317mm in size and 13068195mm in folding. It can be used when it is opened, but here is a point to expand. The steps of the stabilizer and the storage stabilizer are exactly the opposite, so pay attention to the actual use.

  1. Open the stabilizer body by the toggle rotation.
  2. Rotate the phone clip from the right side.

Since it is a hand-held stabilizer, what is the design of the handle on the handle? You can see that the handle of the MOZA mini-s is quite good and comfortable. The model is also printed on the handle, but here To spit it out, although the feel is good, but always feel a little cheap, compared to the plastic material, the overall is not upscale.

The function keys and joystick of MOZA mini-s are designed on the front of the fuselage. It can be seen that the whole button area is also very rich, and the design is also reasonable. There are direction rocker button, function button and battery indicator area.

Directional rocker button: 360° rotation can be used to control the direction of the phone lens.

Function keys: click in the middle to start/stop recording; double-click: photo mode, up key to click, open menu; double click, switch photo/photography, long press, switch front and rear camera; left button, click, open/close Rolling to follow; right click, click, quick look back, double click, time-lapse photography, long press, increase the time-lapse photography record point; down button, double-click, speed follow, three-click, stealing dream space.

The battery indicator area shows the current battery level and charge status.

On the right side of the fuselage, there are two buttons. The two buttons function as zoom buttons, T is for zooming in, and W is for zooming in. The feel of the buttons is not bad, not particularly blunt.

The switch button of MOZA mini-s is designed on the left side, the power button/sleep wake-up on the top, and the red design is more obvious. This is more obvious, the identification is high, and the charging interface of the product is below. It is worth mentioning that MOZAmini The -s charging interface uses the Type-C interface. The advantage of this interface is that it is fast charging and high efficiency.

Compared to the previous generation of MOZA handheld stabilizers, this MOZA mini-s has added a new smart trigger button, its function is mainly to quickly switch between functions, this button is like the board machine on the game controller. Is a principle, in general, this smart board machine button feels or feedback is very ideal.

The original design of the clip on the stabilizer is to be able to clamp the mobile phone, and at the same time to ensure that the mobile phone clip is more stable and does not hurt the mobile phone. From the perspective of the mobile phone clip of the product, the design of the clip is relatively stable, and a clip can be The phone is flattened and the phone is also well protected.

MOZA mini-s mobile phone holder, support large-screen mobile phone clamping, can support 260g load-bearing on the load-bearing, the internal use of high-magnetic energy product permanent magnet motor, load-bearing more comfortable, the author’s mobile phone is 5.8-inch iPhone X can Very good grip, very stable.

1, heading axis

The working principle of the heading axis is to make a horizontal left and right movement with an angle of 270°.

2, roll axis

The working principle of the roll axis is to perform oblique angle motion with an angle of 315°.

3, pitch axis

The pitch axis works by making up and down pitching motion at an angle of 200°.

In the shaft of the pitch axis, you can see that there is a Micro USB interface. What is the use of this interface? In fact, the usefulness of this interface can be large. Through this interface, you can connect the mobile phone directly with the cable in the accessory. You can control the camera’s native camera to take photos and shoot.

There is a tripod in the accessories, this is specially designed for MOZA mini-s. This accessory is considered to be the most useful, and it is more convenient for you to use it, especially when shooting video. it works.

The installation method is very simple, as long as it is screwed through the fixed port, and then the three feet can be opened and placed on the table to be used, which can be used for stabilization, and can also be used as an extended shot.

For those who like to go out to shoot, you can take out the storage bag in the accessory, then fold the MOZAmini-s stabilizer into the storage bag, which is more convenient, that is, it can protect the stabilizer and be easy to carry.

1, horizontal shot

The stabilizer is turned on by default to the horizontal mode. The horizontal shot can be seen in the world, shooting motion and landscape. The most commonly used is the horizontal mode.

2, vertical shot

Hold the roll shaft and rotate the phone holder 90° clockwise to switch to the vertical mode. Vertical shots can be used for self-portraits and live broadcasts.

Third, mobile APP

First of all, you need to download MOZA’s app, you can download MOZA Wizard by searching MOZA Genie, support Android and Apple system, and then use MOZA Wizard to connect with MOZA mini-s stabilizer. When the connection is completed, you can In use, the last thing is that if you don’t want to connect the stabilizer via Bluetooth, you can also connect to the phone through the 3.5 headphone jack in the accessory, which can control the camera’s native camera for shooting.

MOZA Elf’s app, overall, the interactive interface is very good, very simple and easy to understand, and has many functions. You can control the functions in the app by directly touching the screen of the mobile phone or by pressing the physical buttons on the stabilizer. It is still relatively convenient. Relatively speaking, the operation after Bluetooth connection is more simple.

Four or six models

As a handheld stabilizer, I believe that the experience in use is the most real, I think everyone is most eager to know, MOZA mini-s built six models, you can use different methods to achieve different Mode, let you play more when shooting and using, and in terms of the overall experience, each of the six modes can make your stabilizer achieve different stability effects.

  1. Heading following mode

After the stabilizer is turned on, the default is the heading following mode. The horizontal direction of the mobile phone follows the stabilizer and the pitch angle does not change.

2, pitch follow mode

Click and hold the smart board button to switch to the tilt follow mode. The phone’s pitch direction follows the stabilizer and you can turn off the tilt follow mode by releasing your hand.

3, roll following mode

Connect Double-click the left button to enter the roll following mode. The roll axis is up to 90° angle follower. Double-click again to close the roll following mode.

4, full lock mode

Double-click and hold the smart board key continuously to switch to the full lock mode. The three motors are fully locked, no longer follow the stabilizer rotation, and you can turn off the full lock mode when you release your hand.

5, speed follow mode

Double-click the down button to enter the speed follow mode. The horizontal direction of the phone follows the stabilizer to move quickly. Double click again to turn off the speed follow mode.

6, Pirates of the dream space mode

The three consecutive hits are the stealing dream space mode. At this time, the pitch axis is rotated by 90°, and the joystick can be rotated by turning the joystick left and right. The speed is related to the strength of the toggle. After double clicking on the smart board key, it can be returned.

Five, sports experience

Why are more and more people now choosing to buy handheld stabilizers? This is mainly because with the handheld stabilizer, the videos and photos you shoot will be even better, especially the video being shot is very stable and will not shake, MOZA Mini-s handheld stabilizer, the author also through three different motion states, the actual shooting test, to see how the effect, but also for everyone to buy this stabilizer has a reference value.

What is the effect of stability? The author uses three different states to shoot with a mobile phone without using a stabilizer and compare it with a stabilizer. They are tested in three states: walking, running, and riding. The effect is still very obvious, especially in the running state and riding state, especially the effect of the stabilizing stabilizer is generally satisfactory.

1, walking state handheld mobile phone shooting effect

2, using the stabilizer effect under walking

3, running state handheld mobile phone shooting effect

4, the use of stabilizer effect in running state

5, riding state handheld mobile phone shooting effect

6, the use of stabilizer effect under riding conditions

Sixth, product summary

In the actual experience of these days, I believe that this is a very good handheld stabilizer. First of all, its cost performance is very high, as long as 399 yuan, followed by a very large number of functions, but not complicated, generally can get started Learn, and finally, it is very convenient to use, fold storage, save space, as a handheld stabilizer, MOZA mini-s is really suitable for different people, it is also suitable for traveling around the scenery, through MOZA mini- s hand-held stabilizers to achieve the retention of bits and pieces, depicting the imprint of life.


1, folding storage, easy to carry.

  1. The stabilizer can be connected via Bluetooth and wired.

3, suitable for a wide range of people, easy to use.


  1. In the standby state of the stabilizer, occasionally it cannot wake up normally.
  2. There is no wireless charging function.
  3. The battery is not too durable.

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