These equipments are essential for diving photography.

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Diving is an activity carried out in a high-pressure environment. It is different from ordinary swimming, but a skill exercise. The benefits of diving are not only the great enjoyment of the spirit of the strange world in the water, but also the ability to make people broad-minded and open-minded. Frequently engaged in diving can develop the muscles of various parts of the body, improve the physical strength of strength, speed, endurance and flexibility, and at the same time, cultivate the will of courage, tenacity, cooperation and caution. Diving has a lot of precautions and needs to be prepared. Mysterious, wonderful, beautiful underwater scenery always attracts a large number of photographers, so what do you need to prepare if you want to photograph underwater?
The most important thing in underwater photography is to ensure your safety and the photographic equipment in your hands to ensure that they work properly.This requires you to prepare the required diving equipment and master certain diving skills. Secondly, you need to protect your photographic equipment from seawater erosion.

The MEIKON SY-13 40m / 130ft underwater waterproof camera case is available for the Sony A6000, which is made of corrosion-resistant polycarbonate PC material and is water resistant to 40m / 130 feet,Sealed O-ring gasket as a waterproof original, you can use it with confidence. Attachment lenses or filters with M67 screw mounting can be installed on the port. Its buttons and camera buttons are in the same position and are easy to operate on the ocean floor. It is also equipped with two fiber optic cable sockets and a 1/4″ tripod connector for the dive light installation system. There is a standard 1/4″ tripod below for easy mounting of the camera on a tripod.MEIKON SY-13 40m / 130ft Underwater Waterproof Camera Case

SHOOT 6″ Sport Camera Diving Fisheye Dome Port Waterproof Housing is also a good helper for your underwater photography. The dome port is designed for Gopro Hero 5 and is suitable for underwater photography (30 meters waterproof depth). The semi-circular design can move the water line from the camera lens. Reduces image distortion and provides excellent visibility for your underwater photography. The lens hood design reduces lens glare and protects the lens from damage. It can be used not only for half shots, but also used as a wide-angle lens to give you a wider background in video and pictures. It is made of high quality PC and ABS materials, which is light and durable.SHOOT 6

In addition, you need a diving mask, Full Face Detachable Dry Snorkeling Diving Mask is made of medical liquid silicone material. It is soft and practical, has no odor, guarantees the safety of your lungs, and can be adjusted with elastic fabric headband ,suit Various head types. It features high definition, anti-fog and breakage resistance, 180 degree wide field of view, detachable breathing tube design, and storage pocket for easy carrying and storage. Equipped with a camera stand for easy connection to GoPro cameras, making underwater photography easier.Full Face Detachable Dry Snorkeling Diving Mask

Portable Outdoor Practical Action For action Camera is a high quality camera accessories and new premium floating handheld device. Can be used for parachute, skiing, mountain biking, surfing, diving and other outdoor sports. Portable and practical floating handle, compact design, easy to install, easy to operate, compatible with Gomi Hero 5 4 Session 3 3+ 2 SJCAM SJ4000 SJ5000 Sj6000 and other action cameras.With these gears, you can enjoy diving and photography happily.Portable Outdoor Practical Action For action Camera

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