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Xiaomi Mijia Scooter Pro Trial Experience


From the naming method, you can see that the Xiaomi Mijia Scooter Pro is not “replaced” compared to the old one. It is more appropriate to update or change the model. Pro also indicates that the new scooter is better than the previous one in the general specification. . The geek’s choice has recently received this scooter, let’s take a look at the “Pro” position.

In the overall identification design of the exterior, the Mijia Scooter Pro and the previous scooter did not change in structural design, and the front and bottom of the scooter were too fixed. However, compared with the previous one, the folded portion has a “confirmation feeling”, which feels like adding a small buckle.

As far as its appearance is concerned, the millet color of the Xiaomi Mijia Scooter Pro has been adjusted because the color of the rubber cover of the handlebar, the color of the rubber pad on the accelerator and the front wheel are also increased in red. ring. Embellishment. In addition, the charging port also uses a magnetic rubber cover, and the fixed handlebar buckle also adds a rubber sleeve.

The performance changes are mainly concentrated in three main parts. The first is that the official cruising range has increased from the previous model to 30 km to 45 km. The second is the increase in speed. The official used the walking speed several times in the description. The model is 5 times faster than the new model, and the new model is 6 times; the previous two promotion points are actually complementary. Larger batteries provide longer battery life and higher power, so speed increases are also evident; third, add LED screens to the handlebars. Through this screen, the user can quickly understand the speed of the xiaomi scooter, the operating status of each component (driving mode, headlights, Bluetooth, temperature, error messages) and the state of charge of the battery. The intuitiveness of the screen is significantly better than the previous one.

At the same time, the increased resistance of the Xiaomi Mijia scooter Pro also caused changes in detail, such as an increase in weight, an increase in the thickness and width of the body battery portion. Therefore, in order to ensure the ground clearance, the size of the wheel is correspondingly increased, the total height of the stepable portion is increased and the foot can be placed in a more relaxed position.

In short, the millet Mijia scooter Pro has a certain degree of overall performance improvement, faster speed and better battery life, but it may be because the old model replaced the solid tire and there is no absolute speed. Particularly obvious differences. Of course, the increase in the screen is also very suitable for the experience, but for the real owner of the car, many changes in the details make me even more moved.

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