The Top 5 Pocket-Sized Digital Scales


OKPocket EZ-600

An all-purpose pocket-sized food scale, the EZ-600 is incorporated with a backlit LCD display that helps the user to clearly interpret the SL500 AA300 digits visible on it. The weighing platform of the EZ-600 is covered with a protective layer to ensure durability and longevity. Featuring a scale capacity of 600g and a scale resolution of 0.1g, the pocket scale consists of a stainless steel platform with 4 weighing modes g/ozt/dwt. In addition to the above mentioned features, this unique pocket scale promotes a tare function and a warranty that will last you almost 2 years. Costing you a meager $12.95, the EZ-600 pocket scale is now within your reach.

Digital Hanging scale

digital hanging scale

This digital hanging scale is a tiny cute gadget for daily use.It provide three units of weight:kilogram,troy pound and troy ounce.Such a small gadget could load weighing up to 40 kilograms.It is a useful tool indeed that can be used all around in daily life. LCD Screen Display. Three units of weight switch option:Kg/Lb/oz. Max weight:40Kg/88Lb/1410oz. Accuracy:20g/0.04Lb/0.7oz. Automatically lock in readings when the data is stable. Main body use ABS engineering plastic as main materials. Stainless steel hanging hook. High strength compact firm hand strap.

300g x 0.01g Digital Gram Scale

digital gram scale

Offered at low price $12.14, this digital gram scale is a high precision electronic scale. Accuracy is rated to 0.01g.It provide 7 units of weight to transform.It can weighing the minimal things of the same class like jewelry,chemical agent.It is very suitable for jeweler and laboratory using. With a scale resolution of 0.01 g and a scale capacity of 300g, the digital gram scale is cleanly designed to provide a thin compact product.

1000g x 0.1g Jewelry Weight Scale

Accuracy to 0.1 gram Accuracy for Oz to 0.005oz. Maximum capacity of 1000 grams. Tare function, 3 minutes of auto power off. Operation temperature:10-30ºC. LCD Display: 5bit LCD Display. Backlight: Blue backlight. Size: 114 x 76 x 19.5mm. Weight: 116g. Size of stainless steel Pan : 73 x 65 mm. Automatic alarm by low battery. 6 units selection g / ozt / dwt / ct / oz / gn . Press the TARE key will show 0. Press OFF to turn the scale off manually.

American Weigh CD-V2-500

The American Weigh CD-V2-500 is truly unique in its design and is available for $27.95. Flaunting a real CD jewel case design, the CD-V2-500 is very user-friendly and can practically be operated with your eyes closed. A spacious weighing surface is provided to ensure efficiency and offers 5 varying color styles. With a scale resolution of 0.01 g and scale capacity of 500g, the CD-V2-500 offers a 10 year warranty which ensures that all your pocket scale needs will be met.

Pocket Scale is a must have tool in our daily lives, you can carry it around with you, use it any where you want. The new stylish and high quality pocket scales are available at TOMTOP now, hurry to buy!

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