New Floor Stand for Kinect As Low As $14.99


As we all know that Kinect is the most popular video games in 2011, Kinect for Xbox 360 brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. But how to place your Xbox 360 Kinect is not an easy thing. Do you want it put on a wall, on your TV, or on a stand, next to your TV? The Floor Stand for Kinect offering one of the best solutions to place your Kinect, and only cost you $14.99.

Floor Stand For Kinect

The Floor stand for Kinect that looks like a large tripod setup, the latter makes sense if you’re not going to have your Kinect right next to your Xbox. People seem to be annoyed that this product is only two feet tall. Actually, Microsoft recommends placing the Kinect below the TV, and if your TV is placed at a reasonable height for viewing, 2 feet is about precisely where you want it. If you are a tall person, you can adjust the default angle of the Kinect in the Kinect Tuner. The only exception of his is if you’re using it in a small room. In that case it’s better to have it at 6 feet off the ground. But obviously then you couldn’t use a stand like this anyway.

Floor Stand For Kinect

It is kind of flimsy and not very stable, but it gets the job done. When I realized that with my TV setup there was really no place to put the Kinect, I was glad I could just run across the street to Fry’s and buy this and set up and running. And this is the best gift for anyone who loves playing the Kinect games. It is quite easy to use, when you started using it,, you and your friends will have no difficulty getting the games to work properly. Since the stand is highly portable, can be adjusted up or down, and helps make the best use out of available floor space. Assemble the 6 parts together within one minute, without any tripods, screws and other tools for mounting.

As the game lovers, I am sure you must be familiar with online shopping and understand this is the cost-effective way to purchase items so far. The new floor stand for Kinect is available on China Wholesale online store TOMTOP as low as $14.99 with worldwide fast free shipping. Please check out our website follow the link:

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