The Original iPad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard



Since I have bought the useful and pratical iPad, an original iPad Bluetooth keyboard is a must to own, which is the real keyboard. The iPad more powerful capacitors have a very good touch screen and sensitivity of the sensor characteristics, however, the PA, who has been accustomed to the real keyboard , still can not be used to the input experience that the simulated keyboard bring to me, since the iPad has WiFi + BlueTooth wireless access technology, why not choose more man-machine interface, extended the channels of communication and “communication interface” between ourselve and “she”.

iPad Bluetooth keyboard

To this end, PA begin to get more knowledge about the Bluetooth Human Interface and fun on Internet. Of course, if you see here, immediately drive yourself into the thought of lose of a large mount of money, then, PA sincerely hope you can stop reading now, because a fave you won’t spend on money is not a real fave. The human pleasure of life are built on the base of economic conditions and the physical environment. If you can not earn yourself enough food and clothing, neither to talk about life fun. Of course, there are always people, choose: Merry poor, hungry and happy, but, that’s not my cup of tea.

wireless bluetooth keyboard

Through the information from internet, I know the iPad’s Best Choice is Apple’s own G6 Pro host with a wireless bluetooth keyboard and this keyboard is currently divided into two versions, the old one is with 3 battery and the new version two batteries , this is the most important difference. And secondly, the further difference can only be distinguished by manufacturers. Of course, as consumers, prefer the new electronic products is an indisputable choice.

On how to match the iPad Wireless Keyboard, if you lack skills, you will fail even you spend half an hour on it. The actual operation is: Install the battery, press the power button, you will see the power light in the upper right corner of the keyboard fliker for a long time at an secret plac. After the light off, press the power button again, you will find the flashing lights, this is for the matching state, and then, you know the following what is goging to happen ……

iPad Wireless Keyboard

The touching feel is so much better than I expected, and it is a great progress comparing to the relative size of the original large wireless keyboard. The feeling is very difficult to describe with words, you will know it when you have one.

The keyboard is not only can be used on iPad , but also can be used on MAC \ PC. Just the size of a fingernail USB Bluetooth adapter is goo and you need not to buy an expensive one.

In our life, we will know an fact clearly little by little: when we face the material world, PA made a wise and correct choice once again.

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