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Gel nails are with two types – those which cure without a UV light and those which cure under a UV light. Surely, those which can be cured under a light are considered to be much better than those without a light. They can let the effect to finish better, last longer and look better. UV lamps are an integral part of a professional nail salon or spa or even for those individuals who would like to do their nails at home. UV light helps cure gels, acrylics, enamels on your nails to perfection. They prevent the gel or acrylic from cracking up by curing the product on the nail completely. So it’s very important to choose the right UV lamp to cure your nails for the perfect finish.

Here are some tips you can rely on when you go in for your UV lamps purchase:

First, Pay attention to the voltage and socket of nail lamps. If you are in the US, select a lamp with 110V and if in Europe, get a 220V lamp while shopping on the internet. Otherwise, you may end up with something you cannot use. So this is the key important.

Second, Please pay attention to the wattage. The wattage of this product is only a 9 watt bulb, so it is not advisable for salon use. It’s more fit for home use and do your nails by yourself. There are also bulbs which have wattage of 54, to reduce the curing time. So think wisely, select the appropriate wattage for yourself.

Third, Miscellaneous considerations should also be take into. There are lamps which make your life easy. You can cure both hands in a single sitting. Some lamps can only be used for the feet, some only for the hands and others are built in such a way that they can be used for both the hands and feet. The Nail Art UV Lamp in tomtop is suitable for both fingernail and toenail drying.

It is advisable to do a thorough analysis of the type of lamp you would like to buy and then go ahead. Always remember to use the lamp with care, follow instructions, clean and replace bulbs regularly and lastly avoid staring at the UV light to avoid damage to your eyes. If you can use this UV lamps in a proper way, then this DIY Gel Curing Dryer can return you a great help. So pay attention to the tips i have given in the above and use it correctly to make your nails more beautiful and more attractive.

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