Honesty wins the world


September 10, 2010 at 4:43 PM, an eBay buyer who bought a Wii console in our eBay shop on Dec 27, 2009 , wrote us a message and said he didn’t receive his refund although he returned Wii console back in June 2010. We found it was a misunderstanding after having seriously rechecked.

The whole situation was this buyer bought Wii console on Dec 27, 2009 ,04:24:49 PST and Transaction ID: 36Y28719MV1007730. And he had already used the item a few days. The reason why he required to return the item back was because it could not play PAL games but Wii console was good quality.  Anyway, the buyer didn’t like it and we agreed to return the console back.

Unfortunately, We received this Wii console back on 13th June, delay caused by post office. It had pasted many days so that we forgot this matter. However, what a big mistake by us was that our old colleague forgot to transfer your business to new colleague. As a result, she did not know anything about it until receiving the buyer’s reply. Whatever, we have issued the buyer full payment back to his PayPal after our manager and all sales seriously discussed.

The refund details

As a good and professional E-commerce company, we always help buyers solve their problems timely and efficiently as long as we have good communication with them.

Here are some of our words:

1. We will issue buyers’ money back firstly if buyers do not receive items after 30 days or we thought the items are lost on the shipping way.

We hope buyers would repay us money back if he still receives items after accepting refund.

2.  We will issue buyers’ money back after having  received  items back and confirmed them are real bad as buyer described. If buyers are not satisfied with items received,they can send them back but we don’t afford shipping postage for returning.

3. We will issue money back as long as we confirm items are real bad as buyers described although we receive items back after a long time, because we think maybe it is caused by post office’s delay.

We trust: Honesty wins the world.

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