PSP 3000 2000 Li-po Charge Battery Crystal Case Kit-W


Around the north, has been a very good game manufacturers, who handles the production of computers, PS2 joystick, etc., have been well evaluated. PSP2000 wins the north through to create this crystal body shell, it is very early in the PSP2000 When the snow lack of spare parts to send carbon. packaging used by the family of a square black box, bring a decent feel. the right and left buttons and the buttons at the bottom of the screen space are dealing with a hug , just right of the post arc design combined perfectly the surface of the PSP2000 console. button, the sound hole is equal to the crystal shell junctions are treated very well. Because the surface is transparent, so the color does not affect the body itself, while add to the sense of a layer of light.(psp case

The junction of the bottom layer with a snap-on design makes the crystal more firmly fixed shell and machine. In control on the headset plug, leaving sufficient space for headphone wire access, but lack of space will lead to a little after the wire Jieshang Qu would have a slope of about 15 degrees.(psp crystal case

Cover part of the design is more thoughtful, considering the PSP UMD cover open issues, the design can become an open panel, the maximum angle of opening coincided with the maximum angle of the cover PSP2000UMD consistent. The right and left design became granular, although said surface designed to look better spent, but given the user’s hand, it has to be said to be a failed design. for a long time holding it, may lead to hand the feeling of pain.(psp 3000 crystal case)

Overall, the whole crystal plastic shell in appearance or quality are regarded as decent, relatively low price makes this product on the market have some sales. But the plastic material, then scrape the surface will occur over time flowers, fingerprints and other issues. So, this product can only be a transitional product, with a long time may be replaced by other high-end peripherals.

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