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The world of technology is changing faster than many would like. If you get the latest technology toy you can bet something better, faster and cheaper will come along soon thereafter. That is a good thing. Have a look around and you are being watched by the Wireless IP Camera or video surveillance devices that are installed everywhere. Today every public place that is accessible by the common man, regardless of his country, race or gender, is no longer safe.

Wireless IP Camera

IP network video camera makes “old” CCTV Camera seem like old fogies. IP camera is definitely the wave of the future and the way the security camera business is going. What can they do for you? These cameras send video signals over a local area network and have their own unique IP address, just like a computer. These signals are recorded directly to your hard drive on your computer or DVR. Your recording time is only limited by space on your hard drive. You can easily make more room by erasing previous recordings. All you have to do is plug the camera into the internet and live video is then visible to anybody using the IP address of the camera. This makes camera surveillance inexpensive and easy. With many surveillance cameras they need to be constantly monitored which is expensive.

With an Wireless IP camera you can record or view your business, vacation home, home or anything you want to monitor from anywhere that has an internet connection. Can you imagine the flexibility and capability this gives you? Watch your home from your business, watch your business from your vacation home and more. It uses your camera that is “recording in real time to deliver a signal over the internet to your email so that you can see what is occurring wherever the camera is.” This is wireless camera at its best and at its simplest. Wireless IP cameras are digital cameras that come with a web server built in and can be used indoors or outdoors, daytime or night time, for personal or business use.

With the right devices you can ensure that your customers and belongings are safe and protected at all times. Day or night constant supervision will deter crime from happening within your premises. For further information on the various models of IP Cameras visit: http://www.tomtop.com/ip-cameras


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