1. Dual screen: NDS dual is the biggest selling point, the two 3-inch screen with large, have a backlight function, in any light conditions, bright screen can show results. Two common display screen, the game screen, to bring players of the game unusual feelings, such as playing “Mario Kart”, the on-screen display you control the car, and the next screen shows the track and the adversary; In the play “Metroid”, the on-screen display map, the next screen displays the game screen. In the future of the game, players can also play games with a screen, another screen real-time chat with other players. In short, the dual lcd screen design for the NDS games on the expansion of the broader creative space.

2. Touch screen: NDS to the next screen is similar to the PDA screen as a touch screen(NDSL LCD Screen), players can use a finger or the included stylus to operate directly on the screen, such as direct click menu item to use or view, and so transform the game, the other In real-time chat with other players, the touch screen can be easily achieved handwriting text, images and other information and then send.

3. Wireless connection: NDS is also loaded on the exchange of Wi-Fi wireless networking, corresponding to the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standards and protocols developed by Nintendo themselves. If you use self-developed application protocol Nintendo, NDS will be able to achieve up to 16 people in the building within 10 meters of a wireless LAN, and power consumption of the wireless connection is very low, very energy saving. In addition to Wi-Fi wireless networking features, NDS also has Bluetooth capabilities, and the PC can be connected via Bluetooth, if your PC can access, then the NDS can connect to the Internet, in order to achieve and online play against other players or NDS cooperation gameplay.

4. Built-in microphone: NDS on the built-in microphone, and joined the voice recognition program, meaning that players can complete the game by using your voice operations, such as the call can make the main characters for a password attack or defense. 2P FC, remember the design of the handle on the microphone, in the games can also be a voice to the call through the air too! However, the NDS is clearly much stronger voice recognition capabilities, according to official said that the microphone can also be used after the Internet with other players through voice chat.

5. Wireless Game Sharing: As the GBA’s more than one card to play the same function, NDS also provides similar functionality, of course, it is achieved through the wireless connection. A player through a wireless connection can share the game to other players without cards, but other players can only play the part of the game, the equivalent of “demo.”

6. 3D graphics: NDS screens(Nintendo LCD Screen) have both upper and lower polygon 3D display function, can bring the 3D than the N64 is also an excellent display, support 60 frames per second, the game screen, and atomization, cartoon rendering effects.

7. Channel: NDS with 16 channels of audio, voice and various musical sound performance completely struck spot can provide a realistic feel, if you use headphones to achieve a better stereo effect.

8. Battery and Energy Management: NDS uses the built-in rechargeable battery, the official claim that the standard use of time is 10 hours. To achieve the purpose of power, NDS with energy management functions, can be “sleep” and “Standby.” “Sleep” function in many GBA games has been achieved, we should be very familiar with; and “standby” function does not operate in the player for a long time to open automatically when the host power-saving features, but can still be in the standby mode automatically receive near NDS player information.

9. The new cassette media: NDS R & D of semiconductor memory using the new media, this cassette, low cost, shorter manufacturing time and huge capacity, can store more than 1Gb of data.

10. Backward compatible with GBA: NDS is fully compatible with GBA games, you can plug directly into the GBA cartridge, so the host has dual slot design. GBA Games abundant resources will be successful on the use of the NDS.

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