Tips of Choosing Dual SIM Phones from TOMTOP


Dual SIM Phones are becoming more and more important as the days go by. Especially for those people that need to travel often. Dual SIM Phones really bring us great convenient. If there is no dual SIM phones you should carry two SIM cards with you when needed. The latest dual SIM mobile phones make your second phone obsolete, which leaves you hassle free with only one phone to handle.

The main advantage of having a phone with two SIM cards is that you can be making and monitoring calls on two different cellular networks without having to open your mobile phone and manually switch SIM cards around. As a professional china wholesale website is sincerely to share some mature suggestions with you. If you want to purchase a dual SIM phone, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Consider the operation of the phone

Normal GSM phones contain a single transceiver, while dual SIM phones have dual transceivers and will display the signal strength for both cellular networks. This functionality will give you the option to make a call with the network that gives you the best signal quality and the best price per call.

2. Consider the battery life

Operating a phone with dual SIM will reduce the battery life about a third when both SIMs are active. However, this handicap may be overcome by either using a battery with more capacity, or sometimes a dual battery pack. You will have to decide what is more important to you, to have a light weight phone that will require more frequent recharging or a phone that lasts longer but is bulkier.

3. Understand how to switch between SIMS

Switching between SIMs was originally achieved by turning the phone off and on, whereby the switch was accomplished. Latest cell phone models have a menu, so you may easily switch between SIM cards without turning the phone off/on.

4. Consider how you can switch between calls

At this point, it is not possible to use both SIM cards at the same time when you want to make (or receive) calls. If you are talking on one card, and a call comes in on the other card that call will be terminated. It would be nice to have call waiting, or redirecting to a voice mailbox. This capability is surely the next logical step, so keep your eyes open for phones that have that feature.

5. Consider the major brands

You may wonder why Nokia and other big players haven’t brought out dual SIM versions as yet. Well, that is mainly because the smaller manufacturers are trying to find a niche market first.

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