Party Dress Tips


In addition to time, the nature of the party determine dress code, the following four parties, even if the invitations are marked “please the suits,” but there is a difference between wearing a rating.

– Business Party

For example: business reception, the company opened, the company will wait for years, with some commercial parties.

She: In general, you can set with decoration and embellishment, such as beautiful scarves, brooches, handbags, etc., the key is different from the serious and inflexible working hours, so he “lit up”. If you are an important figure in the party, have time to change, known as the cocktail dress mini dress is the best choice, elegant half-length dress with accessories to wear, requiring new coat, superb workmanship.

Him: suit can be.

– Fashion Party

For example: art parties, private parties and more formal, such as music or fashion launch party, it was called the “urban yuppies party.”

She: In this meeting, people do not care whether the gorgeous clothes and solemn, more concerned with the expression of personal style and taste. But not to say that this party to be dressed casually, with a personality is very important to pay attention to fashion some, work status appears to be too outdated packages will be, if it is too lazy to bother with it, brand is the most simple way to fashion .

Him: suit, jacket, coat and so can, but some people see the clothes, a place to change, can show a sense of fashion design, such as the design of the collar, or a special accessories.

– Young dance

For example: Rave Party, or to entertain themselves for the purpose of other popular dance party.

She: Some light again, then sexy, then activity a number of short, not as obvious, is a popular choice for jeans, accessories and hair can be exaggerated point, the guiding spirit of the choice of clothing is: dressforfun (Happy dress).

Him: as the guiding ideology, T-shirt and jeans or slacks exaggerated and the jewelry is a good choice, but best not too casual T shirt, pattern, color, style is more cool jump even more dazzling bit of good.

– A grand occasion

For example: opera, dinner, awards ceremony and so important, invitations are sometimes marked “dress” occasions.

Her: a beautiful evening dress, is to show respect to the host. The more grand and formal Party, dress code more beautiful, more sexy, more bare parts, longer skirt, makeup and hair style is very elegant, jewelry, handbags, shoes, scarves, shawls, watches, can not be ignored details. If there is a dinner of international exchanges, including the Chinese elements of the dress is a bright spot in a good way. Color black and gold is the safest, but the red will make people stand out, of course, to determine the most suitable color is best.

Him: suit and tie is the minimum, is a more formal tuxedo with bow tie (of course, the current outfit in the country also do not really need). Must be appropriately tailored suit fit, can be used with bright color tie, patterned shirt, is in line with the requirements of occasions, you will not be tedious.

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