VISION-800 Smart Android WiFi Portable 3D Glasses

Take an 800-inch movie theater and enjoy 3D movies anytime, anywhere

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Technology is more and more developed, people have higher and higher requirements for visual experience. Although cinema viewing is cool, it can’t be done every day. There are many sources of 3D, but how do you look at it? More people are buying 3D playback equipment, wearing 3D Smart Video Glasses experience, can be satisfied at home, but on the road to enjoy it? That is to say, many mobile cinemas are launched, and more VR products are introduced. The main components are miniature OLED panels.

At the just-concluded China Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo AWE2017, several companies brought their own mobile 3D cinema equipment. The GOOVIS mobile 3D cinema brought by Nade Technology from Shenzhen, China, was stopped by consumers from all walks of life. Experience, on the second day of AWE2017, Nade Technology organized a fan sharing session at the Shanghai Film Museum to play mobile 3D cinema with many consumers.

I also experienced a GOOVIS mobile 3D theater on site, and GOOVIS is also a GOOD VISION combination, with obvious meaning, the purpose is to bring a new visual experience.

The main experience product is GOOVIS G1. This mobile 3D cinema consists of three parts, the main unit, the adjustable headband and the control box. Different from other similar products, GOOVIS G1 does not give people a cumbersome feeling. The function is very clear. In addition, the weight is only about 200g. It is easy to wear and light. It is also one of the highlights of GOOVIS G1.

GOOVIS G1 main material is mainly made of high-quality plastic. This design guarantees the hardness while reducing the weight. The white main acrylic panel design, while the black version is mainly based on the matte process.

The design of the forehead of the main unit is also more user-friendly. It is connected to the host through the rotating shaft. The purpose is very simple. In order to use it, the host can be lifted at a certain angle. You can watch the mobile phone, etc., or wear it directly to the bathroom. When you get up and do other things, you must remove the host.

The lightweight features of the GOOVIS G1, the head-mounted mainframe is mainly the display function, and does not integrate the battery, which makes it easy to wear, plus some small details of the design, the overall use is very comfortable, this is also a wearable device should have. However, there are some shortcomings, such as the rough adjustment of the distance, the connection line can not be disassembled, the controller integrates more functions, and the heat is more amazing after continuous playback, which requires subsequent optimization. But I believe that Nader Technology can bring more surprises in the future.

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