New Set Of Angry Birds Plush Toy


Have you ever heard or played Angry Birds games? If you still not, it’s time to have a try. According to the report the Angry Birds is the #1 app worldwide and has been downloaded over 100 million times. Angry Birds plush bring the characters you love onscreen into your arms. The new Angry Birds Toy set which launched on TOMTOP last month include 6 different styles of birds and 4 different styles of green pigs. Those impressive birds are not just darting vivaciously in the virtual games but also have now been framed to cute plush toy sets, gazing you with the same expression you are familiar with. If you are an Angry Birds fan and love little gadgets, it’s time to purchase one now.

Angry Birds Toy

You can consider the Angry Birds Plush Toy as a fantastic gift for anyone who loves the Angry Birds, or just buy for yourself. Really fun for playing catch, creating your own angry birds real life game, or even playing dodge ball! Great for throwing at unsuspecting friends or terrifying pets with too! If you are still reading at school, there is no doubt that these angry birds and green pigs are great helper to play really life Angry Birds together with your classmates. If you are already working, this is also a best chance to play the with your colleagues, I am sure this game will let you more understand each other. Or plays them with your family, you kids must be very happy, and will remember for ever. The most important is it will promote your emotions with others during the playing.

The new Angry Birds Toys Set is a set of 10 cute soft plush toys. It is designed as a popular and classic mobile game – Angry Birds. It will comes with 6 different styles of birds and 4 different styles of green pigs. Some of them are fixed with a sucker, can be hung on wall. Lovely design and vivid color. High quality and touch soft. A perfect gift or collection for yourself or friends. If we are not fans of Angry Birds, maybe we can’t understand why people love these simple birds and pigs, once you played the game, I am sure you will love these cute toys very much. You can hang them on the wall of your bedroom, so when you hate somebody, you can hit the green pigs or throw the angry birds to the green pigs. This is a great way to let off your angry. So great, isn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Join millions of people in the Angry Birds craze. Use the angry bird to get to your enemy, the evil pigs. A cute and fuzzy toy that is sure to excite all game fans. Collect them all. More information follow the link:

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