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My name is Song CaiDong, joined the TOMTOP Company just over a week, and I am lucky enough to catch up with the Company’s activity, the Sales Department, Customer Service Department and Purchasing Department joined the fellowship activity. Though I am not in the company for a long time, just in the short week, I felt the leader of the company take good care of employees and I also felt the department chief always keep improving to the work, and the colleague’s good working attitude. I feel very honor to join in the friendly team. This activity again prove that my choose is right.

On the day August 6 2011, we went to the a KTV room that had ordered before after we finished our work, I was attracted by the friendly atmosphere as a new colleague. With the help of other experienced colleague, our new colleagues went to the team quickly.

This is also the first time that I have chance to get in touch with most of my colleagues since I joined this big family. To most of us, this is the first time to have chance to take part in such a big activity, but we are not feel strange at all. Colleagues who joined TOMTOP longer are take good care of new colleagues. And there were no person to be neglected in the team. Department chief ask us to make a brief introduction so that to make us know each other.

During the activity, Meng Xuan sang a song called “JingJingDe” that make the atmosphere very high,and other colleagues went to present “loving balls” to him. That made him feel a little shy. And then the chief found some small games that bring lots of fun to us. In the game of “Hu Hua Shi Zhe”, the “Ao Te Man” had a good performance, that he not only protect his flower, but also break others’ flower. All of us enjoy the game very much, and some colleagues didn’t forget to take photos to remember the joyful moment. Before the game, our department had made photos in the fade of songs, wine, and balls.

The activity not only make us feel relax from the daily work but also give us a opportunity to learn more about each other, and it is also useful for our work. A company need a team to coordinate with each department. Sales Department, Customer Service Department and Purchasing department are a whole unity. Through this activity, we can know each other very well and that is also good for our work going on.

In such a young team, there are all kinds of challenges, in such a professional environment, you will have another understanding about yourself, in such a harmonious and active atmosphere, we will have strong will to fight. The activity came to the end soon, but everyone’s laugh has been become unforgettable to us, let’s looking forward to the next activity.

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