The Variety of Digital Scales

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Do you often need to weigh things, and also hope that you hadn’t left your scales at home? We has portable scales just for you! I will introduce high quality digital scales to you which are hot sale on TOMOP.COM. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to check out these cool products while immobile being bright to enjoy your weighing experience.

This is one light-weight and compact digital pocket scale with a 200g capacity with 0.01g readability.This versatile precision scale is perfect for your choosing on the way. As we all make out that digital ascend is a measuring instrument old to assess the weight of an object. In addition to its manipulate is instantly spreading in a range of industries, whether for minor or heavy industrialized industries. This kindly of product quickly customary in the advertise for the reason that of its features is added assorted than the accepted analog scales. As well as one of the advantages of these scales are the accuracy in measuring the weight of the object.

This mini digital scale can weigh anything from 0.1g to 1000g, with fast measurement and automatic shutdown. It has 5 digital LCD display and 7 units selection, including G, OZ, OZT, DWT, CT, TL, GN. Easy to be used and Well-read display with white backlight, what is more, it will auto power off about one minute, very energy saving,so this one is also a good choice for you.

This is Portable Personal Digital Bathroom Weight Scale, it can help you watch on your health and body shape in your busy daily life. It is easy to operate, to make sure accuracy, always put the scale on a hard and flat surface like wooden or marble floor (avoid carpet or soft surface), and then Gently step on the scale, then the scale will be automatically turned on. Stand evenly on the scale without moving and wait until your weight shown on display is stable and locked.

This is one lightweight and compact digital hanging scale with a 50kg capacity with 10g readability. It’s an excellent scale for family & travel, before going the airport, you can weigh your luggage whether it is overweight. It is easy to carry it in a pocket or handbag, and embedded microcomponent core, with accurate weight, stable functions and digital LCD display.

From the below, you will know that portable electronic scale series with a base on application, embedded microcomponent core, with accurate weight, functional stable and digital LCD display, all are in good serve for you, means that these scales really have high quality and long serve time.

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