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All workmates in Purchasing Department go to cinema at 7:50pm on 19th May, 2011, because we would see the movie 《Fast & Furious 5》that we have looked forward for long.  It has been 2 years since the last speed of life which is full of passion.  Two men of the hour who are excellent in racing field –Dominic and Blaine are tired of the life that is gray and should avoid police.  To get their freedom thoroughly, they decide to do something for the last time to complete the goal, and the assigned address is Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Dominic and Blaine organize an ultimate racing team, start a battle with shocking local corrupt government.  And the mysterious third-party force also takes part in. On the other side, prominent FBI spy-Luke still persistently chases Dominic and Blaine, he leads an elite commando to carry out comprehensive siege.  Finally they are failed in Rio.  But Luke is not easy to deal with, he who is completely angry decides to set dragnet to encircle and suppress Dominic and Blaine completely.  In the clums and on the road in Rio, a life and death soul-stirring chase begins!

In short, 《Fast & Furious 5》is continuation of the previous style of Hollywood Action movie.  Chaseing car, gunfight, explosion, muscle man, smart beauty, bad poor and endless moral limit, this is surely the main points in Hollywood Action movies. When we see we can not expect what will happen in the next step, that is real Fst and Furious.  This movie’s story is simple and easy to understand, but its scene is amazing and attractive.

After we see it, we understand that life is short, we can live a meaningful life.  It is not the same as having the freedom and escape, only if you break the hell in your heart to pursue the life you like, this is the real and ultimate freedom.

Purchasing Department

20th May, 2011

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