An essential gadget for influenza season–Digital LCD Thermometer


Temperature is closely related to our lives, so we always seek or create the best temperature in all areas of life. Thermometer as a temperature measurement instruments, play an important role in industrial production and daily life. There are many different types of thermometers, digital LCD thermometer and the mercury thermometer are the most common in our daily life. Although the mercury thermometer with a low-cost, small size, etc, but it’s trouble to read, and easy to read the wrong number, most important it maybe can cause environmental pollution problems. But the Digital LCD thermometer is not same as the mercury thermometer, it is more safe and convenient.

Digital LCD thermometer can accurately determine and measure the temperature, and number display, rather than a pointer or mercury display. So it is called digital thermometer. It is one type of thermometer. Depending on different substances of the temperature and different areas, there are kerosene thermometer, alcohol thermometer, mercury thermometer, gas thermometer, resistance thermometer, thermocouple thermometer, radiation thermometer and light measurement thermometer, bimetallic thermometer and so on.

Digital LCD thermometer use temperature-sensitive components convert the temperature changes into electrical signals, such as the change of voltage and current, the change of the temperature have a certain relationship in electrical signals, such as the linear relationship between a certain curve, the signal Can use the analog-digital conversion circuit convert analog signals into digital signals, then digital signal send it to processing units, such as micro-controller or PC machines, the software processing unit through the internal calculation of the digital signal and the temperature will be linked into Can display the temperature values. For example, 25.0 degrees Celsius, and then through the display unit, such as LED, LCD or other display screen gives observation. This completes the basic temperature measurement function of the digital LCD thermometer.

Spring is the influenza season, we should pay attention to our room temperature, because this is the relationship with our healthy, then digital LCD thermometer is the must have for us. With it, we can self-test our temperature, and detect the change of our body temperature. Professor Chiharu Sudo, who specialize the healthy environment in Medical Research, according his 30 years of research shows that: the incidence of influenza, asthma, allergic dermatitis, emphysema and other diseases, the the human immune decline relates with long-term living in a low temperature environment.

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