A Close Friend for iPad 2—Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard + Real Leather Case Stand


Ipad 2 becomes so popular now. But there is not a piece of “clothes” for it, it will get hurt easily without any protection. So if you love your ipad 2 enough, you must need such a set of product— the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard + Real Leather Case Stand for iPad 2 .

Not only can it provide protection to your ipad 2, there is also a built-in wireless bluetooth 2.0 silicone keyboard. The operation distance of this wireless keyboard can be up to ten meters! It is a QWERTY keyboard, just like the keyboard for computers, it is very easy to operate. The quiet and agile keystrokes make you feel very comfortable in typing.

This built in wireless bluetooth keyboard is designed in an energy-saving mode, if you stopped using it without turning off for a certain period, it will fall into sleep mode automatically. It can work with windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone 4G, and if it is upgraded to IOS4, it can also work with iPhone 3GS. There is also a build-in lithium rechargeable battery, which can last for approximately 45 hours per charge. So don’t you think this keyboard is just tailored for iPad 2?

The waterproof and dustproof design of this Stylish, and high grade protective real leather case/stand can largely prevent your ipad 2 from getting wet or dusty. It need not drive, once you plug it, you can play at once. With light weight and a compact design, just as a book, it is easy to carry and handle. So such a two in one product is ideal for students, business persons, travelers, etc.


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