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Sensitivity of the free rocker Kinect lack of new fight move Wii

October 31, 2010 Apple Daily
【Taipei】 3 Fan Zhongxing ╱ big game entered the body of a sense of the game times, the official end of season battle, PS3, Xbox360 somatosensory accessories are all listed, Xbox360 Kinect be listed on November 19, PS3 GT5 game piece recently introduced, have been started to accept pre-order. As for Nintendo, product lean, but this year is the 25th anniversary of Super Mario, recently released limited edition commemorative NDS machine, push the Wii at the end of Memorial drive, Mario fans should all be dug out.(xbox 360 wholesale)

Nintendo’s Wii to dominate in many years, the video game market a little bit silent, but structural changes occurred in the market this year, extending out from the Wii game somatosensory wave, has been adopted by the other two, while technology is more advanced, by the end of Christmas Chinese New Year is the game next season grumble, the game industry did not dare launch a variety of hardware and software equipment, hoping to grab market pie.

Kinect play games with their bodies

Microsoft Xbox360 Accessories Kinect scheduled 19 in the Taiwan market, the current network and physical access in many have begun to accept pre-order, as well as Adventures (Adventure), allowing consumers to experience a different way to play, because there is no joystick Kinect , is playing games with the body, driving into the climax of this wave of video game competition. (Xbox 360 Turbo Controller)

In addition to Great Adventure, Kinect also sports the General Assembly, Happy Express, cute animals, such as number of games also accept pre-order.
The SONY’s PS3 launch in September move wireless joystick, most gamers expect GT5 (Gran Turismo 5) are also scheduled to begin, will be listed at the end of the year in Taiwan, GT5 PS3 buttressed high-definition Blu-ray machine , with 1000 included a variety of vehicles, known as the true history of the strongest realistic racing game, not been on the market the first sensation.

Grab a new game to push PS3 move

In addition to GT5, Sony also introduced the shootout with camera, TV title, Eye Pet, rain and other murderous games developed specifically for the move.
In order to stimulate buying, internet access also launched discount case, futures Xbox360 4G + Kinect sensors (including Great Adventure) with the bundle, can be cheaper 2,100 yuan; In addition, those who buy GT5 First Press Limited Edition / Collection Limited Edition / Light Blue Titanium Bundle any one version of the host, are eligible to join a lucky draw prize of more than 8,000 yuan for the price of Logitech G27 Racing Wheel. (xbox 360 rechargeable)

As for Nintendo, is now in the awkward lean period, regardless of NDS, Wii were launched more than 5 percent, has entered the last paragraph of the life cycle of consoles, the new 3NDS the Japanese market next year, March 2,3, Taiwan launch date yet, As The Wii version will not have any information, year-end season, Nintendo is a few households to be forgotten.

Nintendo products, lean

In the absence of a new product, the Nintendo Mario speculation only full listing of the 25th anniversary commemorative edition of a series of limited hardware and software, in the year-end launch of version of Super Mario fan, has been a hit in Taiwan, NDS Limited Mary commemorate the machine has just launched in Europe, the end will also commemorate the launch of Wii’s Mario machines, M fans to s empty pockets. (xbox quick charge kit)

YAHOO! Kimo Shopping Center product manager Zheng Guangshi game that flourished after the somatosensory game, the game also has a centralized type of trend, all kinds of sports games, including racing, baseball, tennis, basketball, football, the other is a jungle adventure games, these Games can make the body feel function to the highest. (xbox 360 silicone skin)

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