Xiaomi Mi Xiaobai Smart Camera Popular Version

Xiaobai smart camera popular version, $29.57 cost-effective choice

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Modern life is fast-paced and stressful, but it never reduces the emphasis on family safety. In particular, more and more people are moving towards a better environment in urban and rural areas, but the area is slightly “transferd”. The security problems of the regional areas are more prominent. At this time, the cameras that are often used in public places have played a decisive role. Therefore, the market share of smart cameras has been continuously expanded, and people have the opportunity to grasp the real-time control from smart cameras with more peace of mind. Family dynamics.

The popular version of Xiaobai Smart Camera, which was officially launched today, was launched by Xiaomi Eco-chain, a company specializing in intelligent security. It has been launched in the Tmall White Digital flagship store.

Let’s first look at the specific parameters of the Xiaobai smart camera Popular version:

Product weight: about 65 grams

Lens angle: 100.4°

Focal length: 2.95mm

Resolution: 720P

Connection method: wireless connection

Storage function: Micro SD card (maximum support 64GB)

Support device: Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 or higher

Features: HD care, 100.4° wide angle, infrared night vision, motion detection

Packing accessories: camera, manual, power cable, fixed sticker.

The popular version of the Xiaomi smart camera continues the simple and fashionable design. The skin-friendly material is milder. The body 65g is lighter than a charging head. It uses the fixed stickers attached to support the flipping, side-up and other fixed ways. And the top of the camera itself can be manually adjusted. The shaft anti-friction design increases the service life.

The connection process is also very simple. When the power is turned on, the yellow light is on. When the yellow light flashes, the camera is waiting for the connection. Open the Mijia APP. I have not waited for me to click the plus sign “Add Device” in the upper right corner of the page. The screen will automatically play. The camera is found in the window, the APP automatically generates a QR code, and the camera scans the QR code. The connection is successful, and the camera is automatically networked and bound to the Xiaomi account. Then you can start using it.

The control page is as follows, the icon is simple and easy to understand, and the drag and drop time axis can realize the playback function, provided that the memory card is inserted, other functions, video recording, camera, and full screen are easy to operate. We can perform dynamic monitoring, real-time shouting, and communication with people in the area where the camera is located. The 100.4° wide-angle lens allows us to obtain a wider field of view; combined with image distortion correction technology, the original scene is restored. 6 850nm infrared fill light, the maximum visible distance at night can reach 9m. When using, you can choose to keep the night vision open, always off or automatically switch. I set the automatic switch, the night vision effect is clear enough in the black environment.

As a home smart camera for home security, the sensitivity of its motion detection function is a matter of great concern. When no one is worried about safety at home, we turn on motion detection. You can customize the detection alarm time period through the mobile app. If you detect the dynamic change of the screen, you can record 10 seconds of video in real time and push the alarm video to the mobile phone to prevent it. The most intimate thing about the occurrence of dangerous events is that we can bind on WeChat, and the news notification will also use WeChat to inform us, not to miss important reminders, and to always protect the safety at home.

Another function of the price comparison is the timed sleep mode. After we set it up, the white smart camera will stop working, enter the standby state, protect the privacy of the family, and will automatically start the work after the time is over.

The $29.57 pricing proves that the Xiaomi Smart Camera Volkswagen Edition is an entry-level positioning product, free and flexible, 100.4° wide-angle, infrared night vision, motion detection, cloud management monitoring, etc. Although the image quality is only 720P, it is enough for us to carry out the family. In the era of Internet of Everything, the smart camera will have more development potential in many fields such as security care, family activities, home automation, etc. This will also be the main direction of future development of Xiaomi Technology Smart Home Series.

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