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Light Up Your Christmas

It would be a very funny job to do the Christmas decorationg for your house. You don’t have to break the bank if your choose the proper things and make preparation early enough. Find the best ligtings from China Wholesale will save you a lot.   Here are some small tips for you, 1 Add Color to Your Front Door Accent a bright white door with the deep colors of an … Continue reading

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Global market for packaged LEDs for lighting to nearly double in three years

Global revenue for packaged LEDs used in lighting applications is set to soar to $7.1 billion in 2016 LONDON, UK: Amid falling prices and rising consumer acceptance, light-emitting diode (LED) technology is taking over the lighting business, spurring a 96 … Continue reading

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Keep Your Home Safe with Smart Bulb

Everything’s going digital — and clearly lighting will one day be all digital, too.Wireless smart lighting has been embraced enthusiastically by tech-savvy consumers.But before that day comes, there’s been an emergence of startups, company experiments, and DIY-ers making early versions … Continue reading

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How To Buy Best LED Energy Saving Lights

Nowadays, LED lights have gained popularity as a good choice for flashlights and decorative lights. LED light has long lasting and energy efficient, and they come in different shapes and styles, so you can choose the lights that work best … Continue reading

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Why SMD is Better Than LED

What is SMD ? The Structure: surface-mount device (SMD) are something that mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards rather that other LEDs. Another feature of SMD is size. A SMD is possible to place 3 LEDs of … Continue reading

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Buy Lumens Rather Than Wattages

For many years, we have shopped for light bulbs based on their wattage. Which , with the arrival of energy saving light bulbs on the market, has become a wrong idea.

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Learn About Color Temperature When Choosing LED Bulbs

When you search LED bulbs from the internet, you will get information including the wattage, lumens, lifespan, and also the color temperature. Color temperature is listed in Kelvin and usually ranges from 2500 to 7000. Although there are many explanation … Continue reading

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GU10 LED Lights—Reduce Your Monthly Cost

What Are LED GU10 Lights GU10 refers to the bulbs fitting, which is a two-pin twist lock-fitting. Bulb that is described as a GU10, MR16 – is a bulb with the MR16 type reflector, intended for mains voltage. If it … Continue reading

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Tips When Choosing A LED Light Bulb

You might notice that in the market, the LED light bulb is taking the position of fluorescent lamp (CFL) which was quite popular in the past few years. It happens for reasons and in the near future, the LED light … Continue reading

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Saving Energy And Money With LED Light Bulbs

As we all know that LED Light Bulbs have been widely used in our daily lives, LED technology really have changed and will continually changing the way we live. Since LED technology there is no need to face the huge … Continue reading

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