Keep Your Home Safe with Smart Bulb

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Everything’s going digital — and clearly lighting will one day be all digital, too.Wireless smart lighting has been embraced enthusiastically by tech-savvy consumers.But before that day comes, there’s been an emergence of startups, company experiments, and DIY-ers making early versions of smart bulbs and digital lighting systems. On Monday a company called GreenWave Reality launched the next-generation of its wireless smart bulbs and lighting management system, which enables users to remotely dim, program and control LED Bulbs.

This bulb CCTV security AV camera set is an innovative design and being patented. It is very easy to be used worldwide, just screw-in like a bulb and turn on the power. The key advantage is that it does not need any technical background, you know how to install a bulb and then you know how to use it. Besides, it uses 2.4G wireless technology and its IR red dot light is working but is invisible at night. It brings security into environment by your own like home, office, factory, shopping mall, restaurant and so on.

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