Do you know how to care for your teeth?

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Dental health is closely related to our physical health. Most people have painful experiences of toothache,Toothache can also cause migraine, periodontitis, and heart disease. Therefore, dental care is a very important thing. There are many ways to care for your teeth. The most important thing is to keep your mouth clean. This is especially important for preventing dental diseases. We have known since childhood that we can not share toothbrush and toothpaste with others in order to reduce the spread of bacteria, and we established the habit to brushing your teeth in the morning and evening , but most people do not have the correct method of brushing.Oral care experts recommend brushing their teeth after meals every day. It takes 2-3 minutes to brush each time. The electric toothbrush can remove 38% of the plaque more thoroughly than the ordinary manual toothbrush. At the same time, the slight vibration generated by the high-speed rotation of the electric toothbrush not only promotes the blood circulation of the oral cavity, but also has a very good massage effect on the gum tissue to achieve dental care. And protect the gums from good results. In addition, eating 250 mg of vitamin C per day can help restore healthy gums and prevent gum bleeding, and eliminate excessive mucosal secretions and waste in the mouth. Water is the simplest but important way to protect your teeth. Drinking water in moderation keeps our gums moist and stimulates the secretion of saliva.
Of course, care for your teeth also need some professional tools, The most important thing is the toothbrush. Seago SG-507 Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush can meet your needs for cleaning and whitening your teeth. Ultrasonic teeth are very thorough, small toothbrushes. The head makes the oral cleaning more flexible and effective, the ultra-comfortable toothbrush handle, non-slip and soft treatment make your teeth easy and comfortable, USB charging, full charge will provide you with up to 4 weeks of use, this toothbrush gives two replacements Brush your head and you will be satisfied with it.

Seago SG-507 Sonic Electric Rechargeable Timer Toothbrush with 2 Extra Heads
If you have food residue between your teeth after eating, be sure to clean it up. Otherwise bacteria will corrode your teeth. Flossing is a good way. This Soft Silicone Dental Floss Interdental Brush can also help you solve this problem. It uses Made of soft silicone, it can comfortably remove food residue without harming your gums, disposable design, throw away after each use, very hygienic, packaged in transparent box, light and easy to carry.

80Pcs/Box Dental Floss Interdental Brush Teeth Stick Toothpick Soft Silicone Tooth Picks Oral Cleaning Care
If you are correcting your teeth, then Cordless Water Rechargeable Dental Care Teeth Cleanning Tools is perfect for you. It uses 60 psi water pressure and pulse principle to make a fast The water flow helps you to remove stains, debris, harmful bacteria between the teeth and gums, reach the place where the brush can’t, make your teeth clean and healthy, it is noise-free and portable design suitable for use in the office, family, travel, this This product is very suitable for people who wear orthodontic appliances. It is a good product that you can’t miss!Cordless Water Rechargeable Dental Care Teeth Cleanning Tools

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