XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z Why is Folding Electric Bicycle so popular?

Sports & Outdoor

We all know that Xiaomi is a “grocery store” in the field of smart products.It not only enters the smart home,mobile phone industry,but also has a place in the outdoor sports fields. Millet balance cars and electric bicycles are every where on the road. Since the birth of the XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z folding electric bicycle, it has received the most attention. Let’s take a look at the special features of this electric bike.

XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z Folding Electric Bicycle



Power ride 45KM

The Mijia Riding bicycle uses a 18650-power lithium battery that can ride 45 kilometers. The frame takes drawer design, it is easy to remove and replace the battery. Despite the built-in large battery, the electric car is still small and light. The bicycle body is only 14.5 kg. At the same time, the front and rear forks adopt an integrated aluminum forging process. No solder joints, lighter appearance, more rugged and durable.

Torque sensing enhancement

Mijia Riji Bicycle automatically senses the pedaling force of feet and outputs the appropriate power to assist in riding. The power-assisted intervention is smooth and natural,and it is easy and fun to ride every time.

Built-in 250W high speed brushless motor. This brushless motor has the characteristics of large torque. Small magnetic resistance, fast acceleration and light weight.

It is easier to ride in the wind. It is not as laborious as a regular bicycle. Especially when going uphill and starting, the bike is effortless, just like riding on a flat road.

Cyclic data monitoring

The built-in driving computer helps the rider switch between the four assist modes. It is also can monitor the rider’s riding data. Such as dynamic power, speed, mileage, calorie consumption, etc. The phone can sync data to the cloud in real time. It is convenient for the rider to watch at any time. You can switch your bike to fitness mode just like a regular bike. It is suitable for sports and you can still use it as a fitness tool.

XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z Folding Electric Bicycle

Folding portable design

No matter how luxurious the car is just a means of transportation. This lightweight and flexible bike is more practical and convenient than a luxury sedan.It will attract the envy of countless people. The bicycle adopts a single frame longitudinal folding design. It is convenient to operate and the main beam is not folded. Thereby eliminating the safety hazard caused by the loose folding mechanism after long time riding.

XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z Folding Electric Bicycle

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