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Xiaomi ecological chain new product: portable mosquito repeller evaluation

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Xiaomi Science and Technology Eco-chain Enterprise: ZMI Technology recently released a “ ZMI Portable Mosquito Dispeller ”. For the summer when mosquitoes are more, this kind of mosquito repellent hardware can be said to be quite practical! At present, we also get this mosquito repellent, let’s give you a simple evaluation experience. (Note: ZMI Technology is one of the earliest eco-chain companies in Xiaomi Technology. If you are not familiar with the name of ZMI, then everyone should be familiar with Xiaomi mobile power? Yes, this is the responsibility of ZMI Technology!)

Old rules, let us first talk about what is inside the package! It can be roughly divided into three types: ZMI Portable Mosquito Dispeller , mosquito repellent, and lanyard.

However, in the separate package of the mosquito repellent, in addition to the two mosquito repellent tablets, there are four 7-cell batteries, which are used for mosquito repellents. Note that these four 7th batteries are also produced by ZMI Technology.

Next, let’s take a look at the ZMI Portable Mosquito Dispeller . The outer layer of the device is equipped with a frosted cover, which can be understood as a dust cover. It can be removed when used, and buckled to the bottom of the device. When not in use, it is a dust cover. It can also reduce the evaporation of the effect of the mosquito repellent tablets.

Open the top cover of the device and you can see that the middle is the position where the mosquito repellent is placed, and the two sides are the position where the 7th battery is placed.

The effect picture display after the device is placed on the mosquito repellent.

After installing the mosquito repellent and the 7th battery, you only need to turn on the power button to use the device. In addition, the ZMI portable mosquito repellent is suitable for use in a room of ≤ 28 cubic meters. If it is more than 28 cubic meters, it is not unusable, but the effect will be worse! However, ZMI’s portable mosquito repellent is portable, that is, it is carried around, not for home use, suitable for traveling, small office, night running and so on.

In the middle of the device, there is a power button and indicator light. At the same time, different button operations will have different effects. For example, if you click the power button, the indicator will flash in green. This is the normal mode. Press and hold the power button, the indicator will flash orange, this is the 8-hour timer mode. When the indicator light is flashing red, it is necessary to change the battery and the mosquito repellent at the same time.

In addition, in terms of working principle, ZMI portable mosquito repellent adopts: centrifugal volatilization, through rapid rotation, the mosquito repellent film is rapidly centrifugally diffused, thereby achieving the mosquito repellent effect, and the heated volatilization drive The working principle of mosquitoes is completely different. After all, this is a mosquito repellent device. With a heated design, such a hot day, does it not burn people? So, don’t say anything about burns or not, this device is not using a heated design.

Overall, the ZMI portable mosquito repellent is launched for the summer, so it can be said to be a “just-needed” device? As for the value is not worth going to experience, I am still the same sentence, you have to determine according to your current use of the scene, such as mentioned before: night run, travel, etc., do not put it in dozens of squares, more than 100 square At home, when using a household mosquito repellent! Ok, today’s review is over here, let’s see the next review!

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