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Xiaomi 70mai tire pressure monitor personal experience

Smart Device & Safety

This time at Xiaomi Youpin started a 70mai tire pressure monitor, why choose it? Quite simply because the 70mai smart rearview mirror is installed on the car, the quality is not bad after 2 years of use, the most important thing is the in-car linkage function. Not much to say, open the package directly, you can see all the accessories in the black package of 70mai tire pressure monitor, including 1 tire pressure monitor, 4 sensors, labels, power cords and instructions.

The appearance of the monitor is round and compact, and the casing is made of wear-resistant black engineering plastic. There is a solar charging board on the top surface, which can be supplied by solar energy, which is convenient and environmentally friendly. This model adopts dual power supply mode, and can also use the micro usb interface to supply power when the light is insufficient. The USB charging is fully charged once, and the use time is up to half a month, and the battery can be used continuously throughout the day.

A small LCD screen is embedded in the monitor’s front panel. On this screen, tire pressure, tire temperature, solar charge status, and battery power are displayed. The display is clear in both strong light and low light.

There is a power button on the right side of the fuselage, and a USB charging port on the left. The overall simple black beveled shape is versatile with all kinds of car interiors. It is placed on the center console of the car, which looks more neat and generous, which can enhance the sense of technology.

There is an adhesive on the bottom of the monitor, which can be stuck in the car after tearing off the film. Generally 3M glue is very sticky. After confirming the position and cleaning it, stick it on to avoid the equipment sliding during driving and affecting driving.

Built-in car-grade anti-theft and waterproof sensor, which is the core component of tire pressure monitoring. These 4 sensors are divided into left, right, front and rear, with small size and light weight, which greatly reduces the burden on the tire. It adopts a new generation of laser welding and packaging technology to achieve IP6K9K dustproof and waterproof grade, avoids weather and corrosion, and has a service life of 10 years. Please note that this sensor is only suitable for passenger cars.

The top is a built-in battery. The official display is calculated as 2 hours per day. The battery has a working life of 10 years, which is much longer than the time it takes to change the battery. However, this battery cannot be replaced on its own. You must replace the sensor directly.

Let’s take a look at the installation and actual use of this 70mai tire pressure monitor.

Installation and use

The following is an appointment for installation in the store. The built-in sensor cannot be installed by itself, because you need to load the sensor and adjust the weight when doing balance. The author chose the installation of the designated partner Tiger Land Rover, which took an hour to complete. The specific steps are not explained one by one, please see the figure below.

I heard that many small partners did not perform dynamic balancing after installation in the auto repair shop. This is to remind the owner that dynamic balancing must be done. Let’s see that this is the dynamic balancing operation.

After the tire is installed and reset, the rest is to find a good position for the tire pressure monitor in the trim. Personal experience is generally on the left side, the position that the driver can see, but it does not need to be particularly obvious, which will affect attention. force. In addition, the in-car interconnection of the smart rear-view mirror is also very convenient. You can ask Xiaomai’s tire pressure by voice, and it can also be directly displayed on the rear-view mirror.

After driving for a period of time, the device automatically turns on the monitor to display the value through the vibration of the sensor, and synchronizes to other connected devices. Looking at the driving data in the morning and evening, the tire pressure is basically maintained at about 2.4 Bar, and each tire is different between 2.2-2.6. It will be a little colder in winter and a little higher in long driving time. The monitor can also control the status of the tire temperature of each tire.

Double-color negative display technology LCD screen, clear reading at any time in the car. In these days of driving, I always look at it from time to time. In fact, you don’t need to pay attention to it in real time. You can manually adjust the alarm range according to your own model. The standard tire pressure of a car is 2.5Bar, for example. When it is lower than 1.8Bar or higher than 3.0Bar, the alarm can be done.

As a smart product, the 70mai tire pressure monitor can also check the condition of the vehicle tires on the mobile phone. Before, I used the 70mai APP to add the device directly. The data of the monitor can be sent to the mobile APP through Bluetooth . It is convenient to check the change of tire cycle data, which is beneficial to the maintenance and replacement of vehicle tires by the owner.

The author reminds: according to the different roads, the tire pressure must be adjusted accordingly. If it is on a snowy or slippery road and the tire pressure is too high, there will be less contact area with the ground, lower friction, and lower tire adhesion. At this time, you can lower the tire pressure appropriately and increase the friction to ensure safety. For convenience, the owner is best to have a small air pump in the car for emergency needs.

To sum up

The author has been hesitant to install such products before. Recently, after the new regulations for mandatory increase of tire pressure monitoring were released, I know how important it is. Compared with other indirect and direct tire pressure monitoring, this composite TPMS The most practical and accurate, you can go with safety in daily driving. 70mai, as the Xiaomi ecological chain intelligent vehicle field, has gained a good reputation and brought a safer driving experience to consumers. If you are a car owner, do you think tire pressure monitoring is useful? Welcome to the comment section to talk about your views.

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