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Superstar McGrady with the same paragraph! Honor Band 5 basketball version evaluation


I. Foreword: McGrady with the same paragraph Professional basketball monitoring bracelet

As the most popular category of smart wearable products, after years of development, the smart bracelet has its own unique advantages in both depth and breadth.

At present, the smart bracelets on the market can be divided into sports, communication, and control (smart home) according to their functions. These classifications allow vendors to conduct in-depth research on a feature and make it more targeted for user selection.

In this regard, the Honor Band 4 running version released last year is an example.

The Honor Band 4 running version features an in-depth exploration of running and sports functions. It can be worn on running shoes in addition to the wrist. With the built-in six-axis sensor, it can detect seven sports indicator data and can guide Users make the running posture more professional.

Thanks to the success of the Honor Band 4 running version, the Honor Band 5 basketball version released this year is naturally highly anticipated.

According to the official introduction, the Honor Band 5 basketball version is a professional basketball monitoring device. It not only monitors running posture, but also monitors basketball data. When wearing the product on the foot, you can choose to enter the basketball mode, through the built-in six-axis sensor of the bracelet, you can record the data of the whole game.

And the state professional sports research institutions provide technical support, scientific interpretation of the data and give corresponding sports recommendations, while improving the level of basketball training, while reducing the risk of injury during exercise.

Recently, we quickly got this product, let’s take a look at its specific performance!

Second, the appearance: 6 color wristband 13g light body

Honor Band 5 basketball version offers 6 color straps, namely Seagull Grey, Sakura Powder, Star Yao Yellow, Denim Blue, Red, and Nebula. In the hands of this author, this is Sakura Powder.

Accessories include straps, body, snaps and USB charging heads.

The Honor Band 5 basketball screen uses a 0.5-inch PMOLED screen with a body weight of about 6g, which is very small in your hand. This screen is not a touch screen, it is only used to display information, all interactions are made through the circular touch keys at the bottom of the screen.

The weight of the wristband is about 13g, which is close to “no wearing” when used.

When charging, remove the body of the bracelet from the strap, insert the USB charging head, and then connect the charger to charge.

Another accessory, the buckle, can be used to lock the removed body and attach it to the shoe.

The choice of the wristband material of the Honor Band 5 basketball version has obviously taken a lot of thought, and the woven wristband is made of strong and light yarn.

It is not as troublesome as wearing a buckle design when wearing, and the material is more breathable and comfortable.

As a sports bracelet, the difference between the Honor Band 5 basketball version and the ordinary bracelet is that it has two ways of wearing, in addition to the normal belt on the wrist, it can also be worn on the shoes through the buckle in the accessory.

Third, APP experience: all sports information at a glance

When connecting for the first time, turn on Bluetooth and use the Huawei Sports Health app to connect to the Honor Band 5 basketball version.

After connecting the bracelet, you can check the sleep, steps, distance, heat and other data in the Sports Health app, as well as a variety of training modes, including running, walking, cycling and so on. The mileage is automatically calculated after the start of the exercise, showing the user’s movement trajectory.

Find my device in the APP category, choose the Honor Band 5 basketball version, and you will see more features after entering. Such as sedentary reminders, alarm clocks, message notifications, calorie consumption, lifting wrists, and wearing methods.

In addition, Honor Band 5 basketball version supports message reminders, the most commonly used social APP calls, text messages, etc. can support. When there is a new message, the bracelet will give a vibrating reminder, while supporting Android and iOS systems.

Fourth, the actual experience: six-axis sensor blessing to help professional basketball

  1. Basketball data monitoring

Most of the existing smart bracelets use X, Y, Z three-axis coordinate sensors. This sensor can help us measure the period and the number of steps, but it is difficult to accurately calculate the values ​​of distance, length and angle, but it is just after It is what runners and basketball enthusiasts need.

This also gave birth to the glory to introduce a more accurate six-axis sensor on the Honor Band 5 basketball version. Compared to the three-axis acceleration sensor, the added three-axis gyroscope in the six-axis motion sensor can sense the edge along X/Y/Z. The angular velocity of the shaft (angle as a function of time).

Therefore, the six-axis sensor can not only calculate the period of motion, but also calculate the rotation angle of the object in space, so as to better detect the posture change during motion. For example, 100 posture changes can occur in one second, and the Honor Band 5 basketball version can collect 100 corresponding data points, including spatial position, posture change, etc., to form a smooth trajectory, and measure the effect. It will be more detailed and precise than before.

In the test, the Honor Band 5 basketball version was first worn on the foot, and then manually entered the basketball mode. After the test, the data will be synchronized to the mobile APP.

The data recorded in the whole exercise includes the number of vertical jumps, vertical jump height, vacant time, moving speed, duration of movement, distance, calories, number of steps, active time, and proportion of active time. In the subdivision, the vertical jump height can also be divided into the maximum vertical jump height, the average vertical jump height and each vertical jump height. The maximum emptying time, the average emptying time and each vacating time can also be displayed in the vacant time. The data is very detailed.

After the exercise, the author also saw the performance score of the game. In addition to the comprehensive score, he also scored a single score on bounce, movement, sprint, maximum acceleration and lower limbs.

These data are very necessary for professional basketball players. Through various data, you can intuitively understand your own state level, and thus scientifically conduct basketball training. For us in general, this data allows us to better understand our physical state, and can also join groups in the APP for multi-person PK, adding some fun to the sport.

2, running position data

Compared with basketball, running points are a more common choice for modern people to exercise healthily.

Combined with the APP data, the bracelet will provide seven professional running parameters, namely the grounding method, the impact of the ground, the amplitude of the valgus, the angle of the swing, the stride, the stride frequency, the touch time, and

Scientifically interpret the running parameters and give motion suggestions. Through the running posture parameters, the user can be used as a reference to not only improve running efficiency, but also reduce the risk of injury to muscles and joints during running.

With the six-axis sensor buck, the user’s landing time and landing type are more precise in running, and professional data such as swing angle and eversion angle during running must also be realized under the six-axis sensor. At the same time, using the six-axis motion sensor combined with the high-precision attitude fusion algorithm, the bracelet can accurately calculate our running distance.

In the official data, the average running distance calculation of the bracelet can still reach 97% without GPS. The error in our actual test did not exceed 10 meters, which also confirmed this statement.

3, waterproof test

It is worth mentioning that the Honor Band 5 basketball version has a waterproof level of 50 meters. It can be worn in showers, swimming pools and shallow beaches. There are no problems with daily water stains and splashes.

4, endurance test

The official said that the Honor Band 5 basketball version supports 21 days of standby and typical usage scenarios can work for two weeks.

Due to the particularity of the battery life, the full charge and discharge test time is too long, so we only selected the use time of two days, the power starts from 100%.

During the use period, the wrist-up bright screen and all message notifications are turned on, and the exercise time is about 1 hour. After two days of use, the remaining power is 90%. Based on this, we can infer that the Honor Band 5 basketball version has a battery life of more than half a month.

V. Summary: Sports and fashion combination Professional basketball monitoring bracelet

In life, most people do not notice that their running posture is a norm during exercise, which not only causes accidental injury during exercise, but also has a good fitness effect. In the absence of coaching, it is especially important to wear a smart wearable product that gives the user a scientific running posture.

After two days of use and testing of the Glory Smart Brace 5 basketball version, the Honor Band 5 basketball version satisfies these requirements very well.

In terms of professional running, it accurately records the seven professional data such as the degree of external turning, the way of landing, the impact of the ground, and the time of touching the ground. It is like giving us a realistic and vivid exercise class. For the basketball monitoring function customized by basketball players and enthusiasts, through various data, users can intuitively understand their own state level, so as to scientifically conduct basketball training and improve basketball level.

In addition to the above two professional skills, some basic functions such as daily activity monitoring, sleep monitoring, information reminder and other Honor Band 5 basketball version are also perfect. Coupled with the product’s colorful wristbands, the Honor Band 5 basketball version combines sporty style with a sense of style.

Plus 109 yuan of early adopter prices, for students who love basketball and running, Honor Band 5 basketball version is definitely a very good value.

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