Why are Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks Engineering Crane popular with children?

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Almost all the little boys like to play with cars and mechanical toys. Building blocks play an important role in the growth of each child. In November 2018, Xiaomi Ecological Company officially released the “Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks City Engineering Crane”. Through a large number of dynamic mechanical structures. It perfectly restored the actual engineering crane, and its every step of action was extremely shocking. Whether it is for children or for adults, it can bring a lot of fun.

What are the obvious features?

Perfect construction and design

The Xiaomi Mitu building block crane is based on a real crane. Through the solution of the building blocka 1:16 ratio restoration is achieved. And each detail is extremely close to the real crane. The entire product has more than 720 small parts,the entire assembly process requires great patience.

Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks Miniature City Engineering Crane

Therefore, this toy is not suitable for children under 6 years old, which is very difficult for younger children. And the entire assembly process needs to be carefully understood after the instructions. Then you will easy to assemble successfully. It promotes children’s intelligence and the high speed of their fingers. This is a good choice for cultivating children’s practical ability and cultivating children’s science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Complete matching equipment

In the Mitu building cranes, engineers increased the number of blocks to 125. Such as telescopic poles, panoramic tables, hooks, special grain parts, etc. to meet more features. This not only enhances the creativity of children. But also combines with existing building blocks to achieve more gaming experience.

Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks Miniature City Engineering Crane

In order to simulate the mechanical action of the real car, the Mitu building block crane used a large number of engineering transmissions. This product provides four support feet and serves as a load-bearing device. The connection of several drive shafts to the worm allows a single rotational force to be converted into multiple lifting dynamics.

The Mitu Building Block Crane contains a wealth of knowledge in physics, engineering, mathematics, and art. Through practical operations, children will understand the knowledge and physical principles in the book easily. And Let boring knowledge become a fun playmate.
It also gives people an idea of ​​how a real crane should work. And the child will sees a complex “mechanical monster” how to born from their hands.

Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks Miniature City Engineering Crane

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