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In general, most of the drones we see are portable, their main job is for aerial photography, and most drones look more complicated. But now, a new type of drone looks very simple, and it looks exactly the same as an egg. Maybe you will be curious, will the eggs fly? Yes, that’s true. Let’s take a look at this Flying Egg Drone.

Novel and unique design

The Flying Egg Drone has a super-unique mini size that saves space. When you don’t need to use it, you can turn it into an egg, enough to fit anywhere! It can be easily placed inside a backpack without worrying about the presence of the propeller.We all know that the oval shape of the egg is strong, and this design makes the drone more compact.

YU XIANG 668-A6HW X-mas Flying Egg Drone

Perfect flight performance

This drone has a panoramic HD camera,it can captures and records every beautiful and memorable moment. The optical flow indoor positioning system provides good navigation, while the bottom has four “foot” that can be opened to allow it to stand on the ground smoothly. This drone is easy to operate and use. It can be up/down, front/rear, left/right flight, headless mode, 3D flip.One-button takeoff/landing, and height hold mode make it easier and more stable for beginners to control drones. One-touch take off/landing function to avoid losing the aircraft. Push of the button, the drone will back,solving the problem of the drone’s “lost direction”.

YU XIANG 668-A6HW X-mas Flying Egg Drone

User friendly configuration

The Flying Egg Drone is equipped with a 2.4G 4CH transmitter and a 6-axis gyroscope for easy and stable control. It also has LED lights, and the drone will shine in the dark, which will show the correct direction of flight. In addition, Wifi Control enables real-time video transmission in real time by pairing mobile applications with drone wifi. It supports mobile phones with iOS or Android systems.

YU XIANG 668-A6HW X-mas Flying Egg Drone

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