What is the special attraction of RC cars?

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Playing toys is the nature of every child. Most toys has a attractive apparence,they can also make a sound. And most toys can moving,and they can be removed and assembled. These characteristics just meet the children’s curiosity and hands-on ability. Although the demolition project often turn a complete toy into a pile of plastics and parts, it does not affect the child’s ability to think, create and work. Demolition of a toy car has many advantages for the growth of the child. This is the reason that children like toy cars. In fact, boys prefer toy cars than girls, because they have more curiosity and enthusiastic. They like to explore the unknown world, and toy cars bring them more imagination.

CRAZON 18GS09 1/18 2.4GHz 4WD 20km/h RC Buggy Car

Why is the remote control car so attractive?

If your child likes a toy car, they will love RC car toys. The RC car toy looks like a miniature version of the real car. The best RC model even has the same mechanical principle as the real car, the same suspension system, the handling feel and amazing acceleration similar to the super sports car. And the RC model car can be assembled, repaired, modified and upgraded. If you are a beginner, the fun of manipulating the RC model car is that it can achieve the same starting speed as real sports cars, making all kinds of climbing, off-road, drifting, and tumbling movements.

What types of RC cars are suitable for entry level players?

WLtoys A979-B 2.4G High Speed ​​Electric RC Car

This car is suitable for RC enthusiasts over the age of 14. It is designed in a full-scale 1/18 scale racing style and has the same look and interior as a real car. It is equipped with a 2.4GHz control system. With a remote control distance of 100 meters and a maximum speed of 70KM / h, It is always ready for battle.The RC Car features an upgraded version of the 540 brush motor, four-wheel independent suspension system and shock absorbers. A separate metal differential for stable front and rear movement. It is also preventing damage caused by vibration,and is suitable for playing on flat, gravel or grass. This cool design gives you a real sense of control or driving a car.

WLtoys A979-B 2.4G 1/18 Scale 4WD 70KM/h High Speed Electric RTR Monster Truck RC Car

2.4G RC Bus RTR Radio Control Opening Door Car
Any child is most familiar with transportation. It is a bus. Many children dream of being a bus driver when they are young. I think this RC Bus can satisfy their curiosity. This is a fully operational radio remote control bus. The bus is made of high quality and reliable materials and is very safe for children. It is 100% analog to the design of the bus, fully reflecting the superior performance of the real bus. You can open the door independently of the remote, but also forward, backward, turn left, turn right. This toy can well exercise your child’s brain coordination. This is a perfect gift for kids and anyone who wants to experience the bus driver.

2.4G RC Bus RTR Radio Control Opening Door Car LED Light Simulation Sound

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