What Is A Mini Wireless Keyboard?


Mini wireless keyboard is a small quality keyboard that consist many innovative features. It has innovative design, touchpad and advanced capacitive sensing technology.

Description of rii mini wireless keyboard

• The rii mini wireless keyboard features backlights that make it suitable for use in darkened conditions. The backlight functions with a handheld keypad. A complete QWERTY backlit keyboard enables you to navigate menus, or other applications from up to 30 meters away.

• It has a 2.4G wireless receiver. The Bluetooth keyboard is wireless and works on a 2.4GHz radio frequency that connects to a USB receiver. The keyboard range is 30 meters. It allows you to control your home theater unit with all comfort.

• The mini wireless keyboard has a mini touchpad that allows you to have total control of the mouse pointer. The touchpad has more advanced technology and you can use it in either vertical or horizontal positions.

• The keyboard has innovative design of the navigation keys that allows you to browse or play game wirelessly.

• The mini wireless keyboard also has windows multimedia control.

• It also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery-the advanced technology enables faster charge times up to one month, more standby times and long usage.

• It also has a raiser pointer with remote control.

• The mini wireless keyboard has real notebook touchpad-advanced capacitive sensing touchpad.

• The touchpad has 90 degree flip design

The portable mini wireless keyboard makes your lifestyle even more elegant. Meet the excellent section of the mini size, allows enjoy full size keyboard, the main function, allows you to enter instant messaging, URL and search text from the comfort of your couch.

The combination of perfect keyboard, laser pointer and touchpad makes it perfect for a presentational tool. If you are teaching, training, or even a speech, the Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, laser pointer, these three-dimensional explanations makes presentation more vivid. The three-dimensional explanations allow you the instructor to have the best weapon.

Perfect control PC features. Innovative design of the navigation keys, perfect multimedia control keys and 2.4G wireless technology allows you to have the furthest PC control capabilities. Backlight lamp designed to enable you to use the keyboard even in low-lit environments. It also allows you to enter text, browse website or play games while seated. The mini wireless keyboard has many cool features allows you to have total control while enjoying your comfort on the sofa.

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