LED Home Lighting


Refering LED light , a lot of people think of shopping pavilion in front of the LCD TV or display. As widely used in industrial and outdoor lighting, LED light source, as the technology continues to mature, has now begun to extend the area of indoor lighting. So, LED home lighting current development status? When access to our family? Recently, the Qingdao International Convention & Exhibition Center, Qingdao International Lighting Exhibition cum-LED, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of the relevant exhibitors.

Advantage of Multi Green Lighting LED

Today, the small variety of holiday lights, street lamps, notebook and TV backlighting, large opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo piece of 300-meter long, 30 meters high, the world’s largest outdoor LED display, LED products have entered every aspect of life of each person.

Cum in the current LED lighting Qingdao International Exhibition, a group of soft light, delicate lighting design has attracted the attention of many participants. It is understood that this group of South Korean imports of LED lights not only color multi-function soft appearance, and change color, with fragrance and air purification function.

Although the field of LED lighting used in the family is optimistic about the prospects, but in the present LED lights on the market but because of high prices, backward technology, market turmoil and other issues, in large part of the consumer of such products confidence.

LED Light Bulbs cost due to their own reasons, in terms of price and no competitive advantage. Although the LED lights meet the concept of green consumption low carbon consumption, but the price of the hundreds of hundred dollars or so many customers stay away. In response to this phenomenon, Yu Fengxian reporters just make another account to.

“A lot of people think that the high price of LED lights is difficult to accept, but if the words of the longer term, LED light bulbs to energy saving than the traditional much cheaper. We can do the math, no more than ordinary incandescent lamp life of 2000 hours, the market spiral energy saving lamps on a maximum of 8000 hours. but compared to these, LED lights can use the 1 million hours in theory, almost no change. And from the perspective of power, LED lighting effects in the same light source under the 80% energy than traditional light sources above, these add up to a operator, but it is still more appropriate to buy LED lights.

At present, high-end LED bulbs products are mostly used by manufacturers overseas chip manufacturers. “The lack of domestic chip manufacturers the core technology, the quality of chips made ​​in China fail standards, have to import chips, LED lighting products which is one reason for high prices.” Participate in the Lighting Fair in Guangzhou Niufei Germany Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Sales Engineer Huangshao Qian said.

Bought online often see many people complain that the LED lights, the lights started to go home to buy used properly, but after less than six months faint light to dark, impossible to achieve the lighting effect, had to replace. A lot of people complained LED heat dissipation is poor, with no difference between an ordinary light bulb.

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