Top 5 Products to Sell of January 2021


The first month of 2021 has passed very quickly. I believe you would like to know what products are popular in the current market. According to the sales of TOMTOP website, we analyzed the best-selling categories on the Internet. The analysis data shows that 3D printers, RC Toys, Electric Cleaning Equipment, and Lights are the best-selling categories. Here are 5 products that were very popular in January:

Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer DIY Kit Upgraded High Precision Printing Size

CR-6 SE is a simple and sturdy aluminum modular 3D printer with a 4.3-inch high-definition color touch screen and a well-arranged ribbon cable to ensure that safety problems never occur. CR-6 SE has high-precision printing effects and advanced printing functions. It is easy to assemble and can be assembled in only 5 minutes. It can realize automatic leveling and level the machine more accurately, saving time and energy. CR-6 SE can achieve fast and smooth movement and quiet printing. It has the function of continuous breaking and material interruption sensing. CR-6 SE has a convenient removable handle, easy to carry, weighs only 9.5kg, machine size 442 * 462 * 540mm, printable size (235 * 235 * 250mm). The price is very cheap, now the German warehouse on TOMTOP website only sells for $399, and the postage is free.

Creality Ender-3 V2 3D Printer DIY Kit

Creality Ender-3 V2 3D Printer inherits and continues the advantages of Ender-3. It has a classic and stable appearance. It has been perfectly upgraded in terms of the motherboard, display, injection molding tightener, etc., to achieve ultra-quiet and high-precision printing functions. A new plastic container for storing tools is added to the bottom to facilitate quick access to tools. The use of V-shaped pulleys is stable, durable, and noiseless. Carbon crystal silicon glass platform, strong adhesion. It has the function of material interruption sensing. After an accidental power failure, it can continue printing after the power is restored. The price is very cheap, currently only $499.99, and free shipping.

Original Wltoys 12428 1/12 2.4G 4WD 50km/h High Speed RC Car

Wltoys 12428 RC Car is a “reduced version of a real car”. It has the same power system (engine, gears) as a car, has high-performance tires, and can withstand 4G centrifugal force equivalent to F1. Four large anti-skid wheels connected by shockproof springs are very stable. The wheels are made of reinforced elastic natural rubber, with good wear resistance and fall resistance, and strong enough climbing ability and running ability. It also has the control feeling of those super sports cars in real cars. Currently, the German warehouse only sells for $65.99, with free shipping!

Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner MJSTG1

Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a NIDEC Japanese motor with a suction power of 2200Pa, which can quickly clean the house and provide up to 90 minutes of home cleaning time. It is equipped with a 200ml water tank, which can be used in conjunction with an electronic water pump. Mop use. Can scrub all types of floors. Using Mijia APP, you can remotely control the cleaner or check the cleaning situation in real-time. The whole machine uses a 3-layer filter system to ensure filter 3Um dust to prevent the second pollution. 4 gears suction for a free adjustment. Cleaning different rubbish in the different rooms. Currently, the German warehouse is only $179.99, free shipping!

Yeelight YLXD76YL AC220V 23W LED Smart Ceiling Light

Yeelight YLXD76YL LED Smart Ceiling Light has diversified control modes, supports BT remote control, voice control, and can also be controlled by smartphone APP. Two lighting modes are available, daylight mode and moonlight mode. Different modes can be set through the remote control and mobile APP. It is compatible with the XIAO-MI bracelet and can determine whether to turn off the light through the user’s sleep state, and automatically turn off the light when it detects that the user is sleeping. Using 240 high color rendering index lamp beads, the color rendering index (Ra) of the whole lamp is as high as 95, which has the characteristics of highly reproducing the color of the object. No flicker and radiation, long service life, can keep your eyes away from fatigue. The high-quality Yeelight YLXD76YL LED Smart Ceiling Light is safe and reliable. Currently price only $69.99, with free shipping.

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