How to Clean Earphones


Earphones are worn for a long time, they will breed bacteria. In-ear headphones are more likely to breed bacteria than earbuds. After wearing earphones for an hour, the bacteria multiply nearly 5 times than before, while earbuds are worn for an hour, the bacteria multiply nearly three times than before. In order to make ears healthier, how do we clean the earphones? Reminder: Non-professionals should not try to clean the inside of the headset, so as not to damage the headset.

In-ear headphones generally have a dust-proof net to block dust, and the dust-proof net is fixed on the earphone. Improper cleaning will damage the dust-proof net, so there is no need to deliberately clean the inside of the earphone. In-ear headphones are more difficult to clean. Here are some cleaning methods:

The first method is to directly replace the silicone sleeve of the headset. When buying earphones, the manufacturer usually distributes multiple pairs of silicone sleeves for the earphones. Friends who find it troublesome to clean can replace them regularly. If there is no silicone sleeve as a gift or the silicone sleeve is used up, you can also buy it directly. This not only saves cleaning work, but also a more comfortable wearing experience with suitable earmuffs and headphones.

The second method is to clean the silicone sleeve of the headset directly. You can rinse the silicone sleeve with clean water, you can also use a cotton swab to drip alcohol to clean it. Alcohol can sterilize and clean the dirt in the silicone sleeve, and then rinse it with clean water, but alcohol is an organic matter, which will cause the headset to age. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it frequently, so it is better to use a special cleaner.

The third method is to use a small soft brush with a little toothpaste to gently clean all the holes on the earphones. The toothpaste itself has a cleaning effect and can basically clean the earphones. Note that after cleaning, wipe it twice with a small semi-damp towel, with gentle movements.

It should be noted that whether it is rinsed with water or wiped with alcohol or treated with toothpaste or detergent, you must wait until the earmuffs are completely dry before using the earphones to prevent water from entering the earphones and avoid water stains from bringing dust into the ear canal , causing ear discomfort or even inflammation.

If you feel that there is no sound on one or both sides of the earphone or the volume becomes low, you must replace the filter in time or use the designated tool to clean the catheter. When cleaning the grease on the surface of the catheter, be careful not to let water enter the catheter, which will affect the normal operation of the headset. If you accidentally let water enter the catheter, you must put the earphones in a dry and ventilated place in time. At least one day, the water will evaporate naturally.

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