PC connectivity via Bluetooth using PSPgo PS3 controller


Xiao Bian very honored today to bring a player you have on PSPgo users useful information, just bring the message of this cost is to be spent a lot ah. So let us look at the materials needed to prepare it.(ps3 bluetooth pc

For content:

PS3 Wireless Controller Original PSPgo a USB Bluetooth adapter on a computer of a corresponding version of the PS3 controller driver


1. Click on to this site to download the driver corresponding to the Windows operating system. (Windows XP users can download the 32 bit version)

2. The PS3 controller connected to the computer (using the PSP’s USB connector can be used)

(If possible please follow these steps to turn off power-saving modes PSPgo)

3. Open PSPgo, the settings in the XMB select “Set Bluetooth device”, the Bluetooth is set to open.

4. Opens the Bluetooth devices in the management of select “Add PS3 controller”

5. In the next figure will be connected to the computer PSPgo(ps3 remote charger

6. In the next chart you need to operate a computer. (Note: If no power saving mode turned off, please do not enter the standby mode to keep PSPgo can)

7. Reaffirmed PSPgo with the PS3 controller is connected on both PC, for the first time user, please refer to the following tutorial. (If completed, skip to Step VIII)

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