Tips For Buying Women’s Bags

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There are many kinds of bags, such as shoulder bags, handbags, shoulder bags, dual-purpose messenger bags, backpacks, waist bags, etc. When shopping for a bag, no matter which material you choose, in addition to choosing your favorite color, style, size, and function, you should also pay attention to the design mode of the bag. In addition, the length of the strap and the feel cannot be ignored. . Incorrect carrying mode can harm the body, causing low back pain, shoulder pain, and other problems very common. The heavier the bag is, the more it affects the shape of the body. When buying a bag, pay great attention to the design of the bag. The design is relatively user-friendly, and the bag is easier to carry. Bags are made of various materials, including natural leather, synthetic leather, plastic, cloth, animal fur, straw, etc. How to choose when buying? How can I buy a bag that I am satisfied with?

Choose the color you like. The matching of bags and clothes, belts, shoes, even silk scarves or headwear is very important. Think about your usual dressing style, and then decide what color bag to buy. Buy clothes first, then bags. This is the best choice. This is very helpful in shaping the overall effect.

Choose the style you like. There are many styles of bags, and each style has its own unique points. You can choose the style you like according to your hobbies. Make a selection of the details, such as the length of the strap of the bag, the pattern, the zipper style or the rivet style, etc., whether it is what you like, and then decide to buy.

The size of the bag is very important. Be sure to see the specific dimensions of the bags announced by the merchant on the Internet, the upper and lower widths of the bag, the height from the bottom of the bag to the upper edge of the bag, and the thickness of the bag. Determine how big a bag you need to buy according to what you usually need to carry.

The quality of the bag. Generally, good quality bags have fine workmanship, well-proportioned needles, and threads, no threading, etc., and the sewing is very firm. Check whether the lines are firm, loose, smooth, whether there are abnormal wrinkles on the surface of the bag, whether there are scratches, etc., and check the zipper carefully. The zipper of good quality is made of metal because it is not easy. It is broken and easy to pull, and the zipper made of plastic is easy to break after being used many times.

The material of the bag, the leather bag, is highly resistant to abrasion, and the cowhide can be durable for the bottom and corners of handbags that are often subject to friction. The sheepskin feels delicate, soft, and light, so high-quality sheepskin leather is one of the best choices for making leather bags, but it has relatively poor abrasion resistance.

Carry comfort level. For example, whether the handle is comfortable and durable is an important indicator to measure a handbag. A handle that is too thick or too thin will cause discomfort in future use, so you must try to lift it up and use it when you buy it. In addition, due to frequent contact with hands, the sweat and oil stains secreted on the skin are inevitable, so try to choose darker or difficult to color materials.

The above are the main opinions for buying bags, have you remembered all of them? If you want to know more about bags, please click here

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