Shoulder bag, crossbody bag, handbag, one bag can be all done, with clothing super fashion

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Bucket bags look more like a goddess fan, small floral base, youth ageing effect is better, the literary fan is especially strong, exquisite zipper design, convenient and practical, beautiful, zipper detachable, can be taken back , can easily recite their own style.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted, the utility is stronger, the small ring is fashionable, and it is used for carrying and fitting the palm curve, which greatly improves the comfort. The ring can be moved, and it plays a good decorative role when not in the hand.

The box type, novel and unique shape, small and light shape, with large capacity, reasonable design, space has been fully utilized, neat and orderly, to solve the messy things, easy to find troubles, exquisite safety buckle, become a highlight.

The retro style hits, the literary and artistic style is full, the two-way zipper is convenient and practical, the overall shape is beautiful, the Korean version design, the trend is fashionable, the multi-layer small bag, Laptop Accessories, making full use of the space, greatly increasing the capacity and the practicality is stronger.

The cat ear type is hand-held, fits the curve of the palm, relieves the pressure, is convenient to carry, tassel embellishment, full of literary and artistic style, youthful vitality, highlights the female intellectual charm, no complicated decoration, simple style, fashion wild.

The safety lock design is simple and generous, full of creativity, and the safety factor is also improved. The chic small print design and decoration of the whole bag is complicated and uncluttered, showing youthful vitality, intimate hand-pull design, fit the curve of the palm, convenient freely.

Korean version of the design, small square bag type, small and light, easy to carry, but greatly increased the internal practical space, the capacity is larger, the safety buckle design is unique and novel, the chain is detachable, the Zipper Soft Sleeve Bag can be lifted, wear out Different styles.

Korean version of the design, leading the trend of fashion, the big ring design highlights the elegant temperament, mini model, generous fashion, easy to carry, reasonable internal structure, neat and orderly, to solve the troubles of things placed messy.

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