Wechip W1 Mouse Remote Control Review

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Wechip W1 mouse remote control is the latest 2.4GHz smart remote control on the market, using the latest gyroscope and gravity sensing technology to provide superior control and accuracy. This 2.4G 6-axis air mouse is a remote control with the mouse, keyboard, and motion sense support. It can provide people with a unique and powerful tool.

Wechip W1 mouse remote control is a wireless product that gives users complete freedom in control. Adopting the 2.4GHz wireless technology with the best operating experience at present, the transmission distance can reach more than 10 meters. The user only needs to hold the remote control in the air, centering on the wrist, and swing the remote control at a small angle up and down, left and right, and the mouse pointer can move accurately, The operation is simpler and smoother.

Schematic diagram of Wechip W1 mouse remote control buttons:

It integrates the four functions of “support air mouse + wireless keyboard + infrared learning remote control + somatosensory game”, compatible with Android, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It is suitable for HTPC, Smart TV, Android TV BOX, all-in-one machine, notebook computer, projector, etc., plug and plays without driver, and data is transmitted by 2.4G wireless.

The product is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When the mouse is idle for 2 minutes, it will automatically enter the dormant state; Wechip W1 mouse remote control is equipped with a mainstream micro USB charging interface, which can be charged only through the randomly distributed USB cable, which is convenient for users to use.

Advanced transmission technology, mini receiver, stable, efficient, and advanced 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, 360° arbitrary operation within 20 meters of space, effectively eliminating the signal delay and loss, convenient and free, but also has the reliability and stability of a mouse.

Unimaginable craftsmanship design, this is a smart remote control made with exquisite craftsmanship. The front panel is designed with a wire drawing and the middle frame is chamfered. It strives to be the best smart remote control in the world.

Space 360° free control, in a three-dimensional space, you can perform 360° control at will, without directionality, get rid of the disadvantages of traditional remote control that needs to be aimed at the device and bring you the most convenient control experience.

Follow the trend, fashion control, perfectly compatible with Android smart TV, gently turn the wrist, the mouse cursor will move immediately, get rid of the trouble of inconvenient control of the traditional remote control.

It is suitable for different scenes, family, family interactive learning, entertainment, web browsing, program navigation, conference discussion, business speech, classroom teaching, exhibition site, science, and education exhibition hall, etc.

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