Xiaomi Leravan Lefan foot massager, the best Christmas gift in 2018

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What are the benefits of foot massage?

We all know that there are many acupuncture points on the human foot, they are related to human body organs. Regular pedicure massage is benefit to our body, it will promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism. It also could improve the physiological magnetic field of the human body.Relieve fatigue, nervousness, insomnia, and sore limbs. If the people who lack exercise or physically weak have a foot massage regulary,it will help them keep healthy. This Xiaomi Leravan Lefan foot massager is the most popular foot massager of the year. Let’s take a look at what features

Xiaomi Leravan Lefan Lf Foot Reflexology Massager

Unique and minimalist design

This massager looks like a pair of large slippers,and the open design make you to feel comfortable when you use it. It is made of wear-resistant, breathable anti-fouling material, tough texture and easy to disassemble. Below the layer of cloth, there is also a layer of airbag. It can be adjusted for different sizes of feet and  fits perfectly on your feet. At the same time, the airbag can also press the foot surface rhythmically, stimulating the acupuncture points.

3D gel massage head

The gel massage head can mimic the touch of a human hand massage. The massage head stimulates the acupuncture points of the feet by bumps. Promotes blood circulation in the feet, and simultaneously massages the soles of the feet and the insteps.

Xiaomi Leravan Lefan Lf Foot Reflexology Massager

Air pressure massage

There are three modes for adjusting the velocity of the air pressure switch. The first gear is the soft mode, the second gear is the moderate mode, and the third gear is the strong mode. The entire airbag can press the foot surface rhythmically. The airbag squeezes the foot surface by blowing and deflation, and the time is 15 minutes. The air pressure massage can relieve the pain and discomfort of the feet.

PTC heating massage mode

It comes with a heating function and the heating uses a ceramic heating solution. Therefore, whether it is used in winter or summer, you can give the foot the proper temperature. Hot compress therapy can speed up blood circulation, relax and delight the whole body, and relieve fatigue.


Although the massager has certain physiotherapy effects on the body. It can’t replace doctors to treat these diseases, only health care. Before purchasing the massager, the consumer should understand what is wrong with his body and what is the purpose of health care.This Xiaomi foot massager is suitable for women who often wear high heels. It can relieve the swelling of the feet and promote blood circulation. It is also suitable for the elderly who are weak and lack of exercise.

Xiaomi Leravan Lefan Lf Foot Reflexology Massager

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